A Global Roundup

In the sprawling metro area of Mexico City — the largest in the Western hemisphere — well-established designers and the emerging edgier set alike are reaping the benefits of accelerated retail development, as houses like Polanco, Roma and Condesa cater to savvy consumers seeking a fresh fashion identity. (WWD)

If you’ve been noticing a vague late-1970s feeling in menswear lately, you are not alone — just flip through the pages of a GQ from 30 years ago and you come across eerily familiar trends, the New York Times reports. (New York Times)

Today, Christie’s London is auctioning off a 250-piece collection of avant-garde fashions that each make a political statement about a moment during the last half century, containing items from the personal collections of Katy Rodriguez and Mark Haddawy, owners of New York- and Los Angeles-based vintage boutique Resurrection. (WSJ)

Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama has pledged, if elected, to support key textile industry policy positions — including a monitoring program for Chinese apparel and textile imports — making for his most definitive statement on trade, especially as it affects the apparel sector of America’s manufacturing industry. (WWD)


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