A Global Roundup

In a harbinger of things to come, the CEO of UK chain Next predicts a hefty rise in British apparel prices next summer if the pound/dollar exchange rate stays at current levels. (Guardian)

While Disney still peddles Mickey Mouse sweaters and Winnie the Pooh nightlights, The New York Times looks at the company’s nascent luxury brand, complete with designer wedding gowns, women’s cashmere sweaters, and interior design offerings from $2,800 leather chairs to $6,000 chandeliers patterned after the Art Deco décor in Mr. Disney’s former office. (The New York Times)

According to the WSJ, self-denial is the latest style as the question, "Do I really need it?" gets a new resonance. (WSJ)

The Telegraph heads down to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s newborn ‘Claro Rio Summer’ fashion week, which will become an annual event of swimwear, resort and cruise collections. (Telegraph)




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