A new season, a new phone

It’s time to bust out the must-haves for spring. Step into those satin combat trousers, tropical printed skirts, metallic pumps and pick up a just-delivered (across Europe and Asia) Xelibri mobile phone. Mimicking designer collection schedule, Xelibri is parading onto the fashion calendar, not only showing new models every spring/summer, fall/winter seasons the phones are made to hang onto clothing or dangle from the neck and produced in a wide variety of tangy Pantone colors to match any look. To seal the phone-as-fashion category, they’re sold, like clothes, at fashion retailers and department stores. The trendy concept to focus on fashionably seasonal PCD’s (Personal Communications Device) comes from German electronic giant Siemens. Siemens is strategically aiming to explode the new product category for fashion PCD’s as a direct challenge to the market for feature-laden, multimedia tools that allow users to do most anything from playing online games to e-mailing to faxing. These fashion PCD’s are all about color coordination, and placing and receiving calls, well, fashionably. Siemens isn’t alone in pushing chic-looking phones forward, Sprint PCS’s 4NE1 can be worn as a necklace and IBM is developing an earring phone. Now that’s phoning in style. Notice: the David LaChapelle-shot campaign.

- Jason Campbell
Photo: David LaChapelle for Xelibri

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