A Newly Minted Car Owner Settles In Los Angeles While Avoiding A Kato Kaelin Tag But Looking Butch

I’ve been moving to LA since spring of last year. I didn’t take the big plunge by uprooting my life in New York and moving lock, stock and barrel, instead my LA-based friends and clients insisted that I first test the waters in the city by staying in their guesthouse or guest room. It hasn’t been bad. First I lived in the guesthouse of a friend on a charming block just a stone throw away from my cherished Runyon Canyon hike in the middle of West Hollywood. When she moved out at the end of the summer, I decamped to the spectacular home of one of my client, high in the Hollywood Hills around Benedict Canyon that’s counted as one of the most celebrated properties in the city. I’m still there but I have no plans of earning the dubious title like Kato Kaelin did as the famous freeloader who had permanent residence in O.J. and Nicole Simpson’s guesthouse. I’ve made up my mind that I’d like to live in LA (at least most of the time) and come spring, after the European shows, I will finally settle in my own flat.

Mention living in LA to anyone and the first thing they say is ‘do you have a car?’ I haven’t had a car this whole time but Midway Car Rental has been getting an unsettling amount of my money for frequent extended rentals. I guess-timate that I’ve rented a car from the company for five out of the last seven months and while they’re reasonably priced; it’s not a plan for the long term. I started the car search in early fall by combing the car dealers on Ventura on Sunset blvd. The aggressive dealers were swift to throw offers at me, entreating me to sign up right away, giving the impression the deal was only good for that day. I wasn’t mentally ready so I didn’t take plunge. Luckily, a-not-to-turn-down opportunity to buy a car posed itself last month. A friend had a Chrysler 300 on hand that was gifted by the company for her arriving at the Oscars a couple years ago in a Chrysler vehicle (the perks of Hollywood). It was a white elephant in her stable of automobiles. No one used or cherished it, yet there was nothing wrong with the car. Anyway, I now own it. I wasn’t exactly looking to buy a Chrysler but this one is surprisingly luxurious. Some call it the poor man’s Bentley for its copycat shape and luxuries. It feels like I’m sailing on clouds when driving and from the other drivers I see in the car on the road, it also has butch appeal.

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