Aimo Richly Emphasizes Garment And Body

Aimo RichlyBelieving that fashion is more than mere aesthetics, Alberto Incanuti emphasizes the contact between garment and body with his knitwear label Aimo Richly. For spring/summer ’12, the Italian designer delivers a sensual and authentic collection that embodies this vision completely—each piece of knitwear seems to be personified and emotional, embodying the character of its owner as it goes through experiencing life.

The s/s ‘12 designs are light, long and limber, elongating the feminine form. Basic wardrobe staples like V-necks, cardigans and tank tops are reworked into stretched knitwear and the collection seems made up of layers upon layers of thin, woven fibers and knots. The V-neck takes a deep plunge towards the navel with an asymmetric edge, Aimo Richlywhile shirts are widened at the waist and bare shoulder lines reveal dark undergarments. Despite the seasonal implication, Incanuti integrates a few autumnal nuances into the pieces as well: finger-less gloves built into sheer long sleeved A-line tops and floor grazing skirts.

The menswear collection begins with a darker color palette in contrast to the pale whites and faint gray undertones of the womenswear collection. Moody charcoals and blackened teals highlight deep and sullen emotions. The classic hoodie is featured in a steel gray knit, which is uniquely distorted. Incanuti stretches the base of the hood and neckline to exaggeration, which gives it a soft, appealing drape. Details like thick pull strings that fall to the hip and thin lightened panels at the shoulders add depth to the enlarged knitted hoodie. Summer shorts are also distinguished with wider hips, but the finishing effect of the expanded fabric adds delicate folds to the masculine silhouette.

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