Alex Mattsson's Stylistic Synesthesia

Alex MattssonContemporary menswear designer Alex Mattsson is out to challenge London’s noir fetish. In his s/s ’12 collection, the young Swedish designer experiments with vivid prints and block coloring, adding three dimensions and optical visuals to jackets, vests and trousers. A graduate of the Royal College of Art, Mattsson has distinguished himself with an aesthetic defined by singular tailoring and a talent for combining contrasting subjects.

Mattsson uses cutting-edge technology to create his visually striking prints. Sound and light frequencies are captured on silk satin shirts and sleeveless jumpsuits, creating a kind of sound-color synesthesia. Rhythmic shapes emulate the natural chemistry between electric waves and the human body. Airbrushed fractal prints, meanwhile, create a bewildering effect on the eyes that simulates a sensation of vertigo. The backdrop of Alex Mattssonchecked fabrics, influenced by Latin gang culture, add balance to Mattson’s fractal graphics, bringing them into focus.

The collection exudes a celestial inspiration as natural light reveals the full color spectrum or absolutes, black and white. Mattson prominently distinguishes the latter in his statement leather jacket, which features white leather with short narrow lapels, contrasting black zips and leather wrapped padded keys that cascade like a rainbow down each arm. Although the fixed monochromatic palette reflects a note of lofty divinity, it also evokes the rebellious nature of a biker: black flames flare against pure white wrists,
while intimidating imagery is bonded on others.

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