All You Need Is the Ultra 10

The lovechild of Jonathan Liang and Tengku Syahmi, Ultra 10 is a high-end fashion initiative that promotes sustainability and seasonless style. Under the umbrella of their own eco-label ULTRA, Liang and Syahmi have teamed up with other notable leaders in sustainability (LOHAS, Greenovate, The Wellness Works), on a ten-piece core of interchangeable and multi-functional designs that will satisfy 365 days of fashion demands.

Founded on the principles of minimalism and environmental sensitivity, the collection was specifically designed around fundamental staples. Everything from blazers to vests and skirts can be transformed from one look to the next with just a simple stitch or zip (a 2-in-1 jacket easily becomes a vest; a 3-in-1 coat magically morphs into a shirt or a skirt). The colorless palette also means that these classic, all-black ensembles will appeal to the on-the-go demands of city life and varying occasions. And using made-to-order organic cotton, silk, soy and bamboo fibers, biodegradable tencel, salmon skin leather and recycled polyester as its core materials, the designs are mindful of both aesthetic and environmental standards.

Put simply, Ultra 10 provides a refined solution to every woman’s dress code while still owning its own set of style standards. An ode to the label’s functionality, ULTRA nominated Amena Schlaikjer, founder of The Wellness Works, to interpret the wardrobe in one year of documented looks.

As an added perk, the modular collection can be returned at the end of the year and replaced with the latest Ultra 10 collection at half price. Simply wear it and return it once you’ve had your year-long fill. The rules will never be this easy.

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