Amsterdam's New Shopping Destination

Kokon to Zai designer Robert Risteski is helping to bring underground fashion to Amsterdam with Destinationshop. Working with independent fashion labels to create a monthly fashion installation, Risteski has built a place for people to spend time, try on new labels and discover inspiring new trends.

“It’s like a candy shop where you can get something cool, edgy or one of a kind without traveling to London or Paris to get it,” explains Risteski.
“I strongly believe the Dutch audience is finally welcoming fashion culture as a new phenomena in their lifestyle and are ready for something more cutting edge.”

Just off the main shopping area of Amsterdam, Destinationshop stocks unique designs by Marjan Pejoski, Kokon to Zai and Eric Lebon with plans to include brands such as Romain Kremer, Minimarket and Emma Cook. “The current credit situation has made fashion buying a little difficult, but the challenge has meant the process has been very interesting,” Risteski notes.

The store is perfectly placed for those who like to shop off the beaten path and it has already gained a following among the local advertising and creative set. This is a space to watch.

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—Retna Wooller

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