Apartment for Sale

The Apartment, owned by Christof and Kristin Rueker and located in the Mitte district is the foundation of a new stylish Berlin. The store is a fierce mix of “it” and designer fashion labels that capture the madcap style and lack of clear marketing and merchandising rules in this once-torn city. There’s a trendier and more unexpected mix of designers here than you’d find at the resident designer outpost Quartier 206. At The Apartment, a swooping counter of redwood and layered glass greets you in this spacious setting where Preen cozies up to Le Coq Sportif and Little Red Riding Hood is shown across from Martin Margiela. Chicks on Speed next to Marc Jacobs. Wolfen near Lacoste. The Apartment is literally defining new directions with the special edition high top trainers it developed with Nike-taking an old East German TV tower and tacking it to the heel of a black and bright pink leather creation. All Mod Cons and edgy fashion views in this Apartment.

- Meghan Cleary

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