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Considered as the Avon of the 21st century, Arbonne is set to take over the world of skincare with its rare hands-on consultancy and customer care. Arbonne was launched in 1975 by Petter Mørck in Switzerland, who dreamed of a company that could provide unparalleled skincare products in quality and effectiveness. Brought to the U.S. in 1980, Mørck’s vision still thrives today as the company depends on its network of independent consultants to spread the good word of its promise to deliver pure, safe and beneficial products in line with its botanical tradition.

It’s a somewhat old-fashioned model, but this interactive approach has continued to garner sales and success for Arbonne through classic human connections. Consumers today are more conscientious than ever before of the ingredients in what they consume, and knowing the exact composition of what you’re putting into your body is just as important as what you are putting on it. “Organic” has become a label that everyone is searching for, whether in food, clothes or beauty products—it’s healthy and politically correct all at once— but Arbonne’s products sell themselves.

Adhering to a strict purity and safety ingredient policy, each concoction is botanically based and vegan-certified; no formula is ever tested on animals, nor contains any animal by-products. Priding itself on exacting standards for quality and sustainability, Arbonne is committed to environmental responsibility, regularly reviewing ingredients, packaging materials and business operations to optimize it positive contribution to defending and protecting the earth’s resources.

For a company takes so much pride in pursuing every step necessary to provide the purest products possible is a rare feature in a retail landscape that is otherwise full of detached, socially isolating products. With Arbonne, consumers can go green to really treat the skin you’re in.

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  1. I have their body moisturizer and it’s the best I have ever used. I am usually a product snob, but it was non greasy, super moisturizing and had no cloying scent to it. Obv. I need to look into more of their products!

  2. Although Arbonne touts its ‘botanical ingredients,’ one look at the ingredients in the brand’s products shows that this is another case of greenwashing. Arbonne products contain plenty of synthetic ingredients, including many that conscientious consumers wish to avoid. Consumers who want truly natural products could do much better.

  3. It’s true, Arbonne products are pretty good, but beware…once you place an order or show the slightest interest you will be HARASSED by Arbonne reps trying to get you to buy into the company. Arbonne is based on pyramid marketing…which is great for some people. Though I’m sure that others will agree with me that it becomes less about the product and more about being pressured to get everyone you know to put up money and join the Arbonne bandwagon.

  4. WOW i knew nothing about skincare and was terrified of makeup. WHen i tried a sample of the RE9 Anti-aging skincare, then at 41 was totally impressed at how it made my skin look younger within days. The proof really was when others began commenting on my skin improvement, I knew it was real. The cosmetics are all ECO Certified Organic Botanicals with NO MINERAL OIL which is really MOTOR OIL from the petroleum factory with only detrimental effects on human bodies. If you are a girl who wears makeup everyday, you need to try Arbonne cosmetics to see for yourself that they are totally breathable, and light as air, with STRONG pigment and wash right off with water. Know that at all my fabulous Arbonne parties, I teach 3 lessons: 1st that whatever you put on your skin goes into your bloodstream in 26 seconds, 2nd that mineral oil is Motor OIL and is in 98% of lotions available in the marketplace just as a cheap filler, & 3rd that Animal rendering factories are creating toxic sludge out of dead animal parts that is used by ALL products that are not CERTIFIED VEGAN by Vegan (check their website for list of Vegan Companies) which they are sneaking into your bloodstream in 26 seconds. All of Arbonne’s 400 + products are CERTIFIED Vegan!! I love how the products have improved my skin and even more I love how the business opportunity has changed my life! Now I work when I want to work, as a single mom, never missing any of my childrens’ events and drive a styling FREE white Mercedes Benz provided by Arbonne. Check out my website if you want to learn more. I LOVE teaching people how to earn money from home.

  5. Arbonne is amazing. The company, the products, AND the people. I was extremely skeptical about any of it. What did they have that no other company did? How were they different? Do you know Arbonne submits its ingredient list to the FDA even though it’s not required? The products are also swiss-formulated which means tougher standards to pass. Zero reactions out of 100 tested are allowed. Here in the US it’s 4 reactions out of 100. But it’s MADE in the USA, which gives jobs to people here! What do I like the most? THE PRODUCTS REALLY WORK! After having gone through cancer, I’m really not ok with putting mineral oil on my skin. Mineral oil is in over the counter baby oil! Mineral oil is derived from petroleum. Do you really want to put gasoline on your skin??? Arbonne has NO mineral oil. It is 100% vegan certified. Its tag line is Pure. Safe. Beneficial. And it has been this way from DAY ONE! Arbonne is working DAILY to make products to make our lives better, from the inside out. Less than 1% of the world knows about the gift of Arbonne. Rather than tearing it down, try to see the beauty of Arbonne. I have looked at MANY other cosmetics/skin care/nutritional companies and seriously, NOT ONE compares to Arbonne. And it is NOT a pyramid scheme. I looked into that too. Anyone just starting out can work hard to make a great living; it’s not dependent on any kind of scheme. You work hard, it pays off. You work at your own pace. It has an AWESOME compensation plan that I saw just by looking at their web page. If there are consultants out there harassing you, that’s sad. But don’t let a couple bad apples ruin the pie for you. If you don’t want to be a part of Arbonne, no one should be twisting your arm. But if you’re not using any of the products, I sincerely believe you’re missing out on some really fabulous stuff! ;o)

  6. There are many more companies developing products today based on more advanced science. Those providing the greatest benefits offer products that take a combined internal and external approach to skin care and aging. The science of nutrigenomics -the molecular relationship between nutrition and the response of genes- provides a basis for products that will improve cellular energy (allowing the body to increase its own production of collagen and elastin), address hormonal fluctuations, antioxidants and extending healthy gene life.
    New to the market are In Home Beauty Devices – such as one available with 4 in 1 combined functions of Galvanic, Far Infrared Light, Ultrasound and Vibration. Additionally, Pharmaceutical Grade In Home Acid Peels are now available.
    The marketplace is looking for Home Spa products to bring the experience and results of a Spa into their daily routine and convenience of their home.

  7. Anyone who knows anything about products knows that all products are a blend of science and nature. If something is all natural it will have a shelf life of maybe a week before it starts to grow stuff i.e. bactieria, mold etc. Certain preservatives are necessary to sustain the life of any product. As for people being HARASSED, it’s unfortunate that there are some overzealous consultants. The majority of Arbonne Consultants run their business like a class act. The products are far superior to any “natural” products being touted on the market today. Arbonne products show a visible difference after usage within a few days compared to other products which after use for years don’t show any difference. The Arbonne products sell themselves. The opportunity does change the lives of many people none of whom had to be pressured to join the busininess. Smart people know a good business opportunity when they see one. The funny thing is that when people say no to this business model, they don’t even know what they are saying no to. They are saying no to passive income.

  8. I am a very satisfied Arbonne customer. I use all of the anti aging products, the makeup, body moisterizer and just started the new line of Arbonne essentials (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, pre and probiotics) which I am really excited about. I have seen a huge difference in my skin and swear by the eye cream. I have never been harrassed or pressured to do the business and find Arbonne reps to be knowledgeable and professional.

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