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At Home in Rio, Glamour At Fasano Rooftop

If you’ve been following my tweets then you know that I’m in Rio. I touched down on Thurs and was met a thick wall of sun and humidity which was just the welcome I had anticipated. The thing about Rio is that it’s so easy to feel at home. After I check in to Ipanema Plaza, take a stroll to the beach and a make a quick stop in to New Natural for lunch and I’m oriented. A trip to H. Stern is a familiar ritual on the list of early stops since I undoubtedly need something repaired there every season. This time it was for the broken chain on my tourmaline pendant necklace.

Everyone is taking about the heat. The temperature has ranged from 35-50C (95-112F) since I’ve been here and while I love the thick humid air, many have been complaining about how oppressive it is. Of course these conditions impact the experience of attending the shows. I’ve been wearing the skimpiest and most casual looks and by the end of the day (11pm on average) energy is at a troubling low. To restore myself, every night calls for a fabulous dinner. Paula Mateus, editor in chief of Vogue Portugal, Godfrey Deeney of Fashion Wire Daily and myself have been hitting up the late night dining spots. Café Lamas one night, Zaza the next, Bar Brasil last night. Another night I went out with my French crew (Cathy Marchioni and Alexandre Frederic) to Aprazivel that everyone refers to as the tree house restaurant high atop the hills in Santa Teresa.

A trip to Rio isn’t complete without spending some quality time at the Fasano rooftop. Paula Mello graciously invites me whenever I wish to hang out there so Paula Mateus and I went to spend a leisure Sunday before the shows. Fasano is arguably one of the most glamorous rooftop scenes in the world—a sentiment I heard echoed a few times by grateful guests chilling in the pool. I ran into several different friends from all over the world staying there. Gianpaolo Sgura, the Milan based photographer was still there from the holidays and informed me that Neil Barrett and Dan Caten(D Squared) just left. Alice Dellal was prancing around topless with Dan Mcmillan, the Magnificant Zoltar. Designer Victor Dzenk was curled up with friend and entertaining his parents. And the list goes on. Looking below at Ipanema beach that day with wall-to-wall parasols, there was no place else to be that day besides Fasano rooftop.

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