B There

A year ago B has blessed Conduit Street in London with a shop based on an adventurous retail concept. B is essentially cult footwear label Buddhahood‘s flagship store that also houses a fresh crop of new design talents. Edgy London designers Boudicca, Robert Cary Williams, Russell Sage and YMC mix with relative newcomers such as Siv Stoldal, Roksanda Ilincic and Peter Jensen. Exclusive lines to B include Judy Blame jewelry and Frank Leder menswear as well as a limited edition of Buddhahood shoes. The driving force behind B and Buddhahood is Jose Neves. Neve’s vision? "I like to think of Buddhahood as a group of people with a project that involves a shop, a footwear house label and a web site, which are just media for our combined creativity." B has already established a regular customer crowd that includes Travis, Skin from Skunk Anansie and Jo Reynolds. Apart from fabulous clothes for men and women, shoes and accessories, B customers can revel in quirky little shop interior features like bread loaves customized to look like shoes. Be there.
- Emma Holmqvist

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