Bahamian Rhapsody

Yesterday was my first day in the Bahamas to attend the Islands of the World Fashion Week, and our hosts were quick to show us around the country’s capital, Nassau. Although we didn’t get to enjoy the legendary Bahamian sun (we arrived very late in the afternoon), we took in the best sights of the quaint city when the sun goes down. From our hotel, the British Hotel Colonial Hilton, we walked up the hill, and after a few yards, we stumbled upon the palatial Governor’s Palace, which was painted in a brave shade of pink. Then further up, we stopped in the Graycliff Manor, a majestic estate (Nassau’s first inn which triples as a restaurant, cigar factory and hotel) with a rustic garden that could easily have been a set from Great Expectations if the movie were set in the Tropics. Lastly, we had  supper at Luciano’s where we took in a seaside view of the Atlantis across the bay in Paradise Island. If you’re in town, make sure you take in these sights.

—Robert Cordero

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