Balatsos Studs Out Rick Owens

Jason Campbell

As the fashion scene descends on Paris Fashion Week—and inevitably on the Rick Owens’ Palais Royal store—they’re sure to come across LA-based designer Dafne Balatsos’ grouping of spiked and studded leather goods at Owens’ retail haven.

Balatsos worked for Owens for 12 years and made the transition with the designer during those crucial first two seasons in Paris, before striking out on her own. When Owens got wind of Balatsos’ latest studded-out bag collection, he immediately scooped up the entire line for the Palais Royal store. The collection’s artsy heavy metal features include a hand clutch with an aggressive looking single track of studs as well as a ball-shaped shoulder bag completely encrusted in up to two-inch studs and spikes. This edgy distinction is indeed a fitting marriage for Owens’ armorial wares. In Los Angeles, Balatsos is exclusively available at Church Boutique (7277 Santa Monica Boulevard, 323-876-8887).

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