Barneys Launches Greg Lauren’s First-Ever Collection

Fashion may run through Greg Lauren‘s blood—he is Ralph Lauren’s nephew after all—but the designer didn’t always envision a future in threads. Still, a survey of his first ever collection illustrates Lauren’s destined calling in the fashion arena.

The younger Lauren’s handsome visage calls to mind that of uncle Ralph, but there’s more to him than meets the eye. An artist before a designer, the vintage look of his 2010 exhibit Alteration no doubt inspired the design process behind his eponymous label. The exhibition interrogated the roles others expect us to play, a conceptual sentiment that also applies to his line of one-of-a-kind deconstructed tuxedos and field jackets. The program notes from his exhibition could just as well describe what his collection sets out to do: “With this confrontational awareness comes a realization of the intricate fabric of one’s own image and a world of one’s own making.”

Lauren only learned how to sew a few years ago, but it in no way diminishes his abilities as a designer. Putting his artist’s intricacies and attention to detail to work, his first full collection is all high-concept and hand-sewn. His wares may appear faded and distressed, but rest assured this worn/washed-out look is deliberate. “The clothes are about the individual, and the idea that clothing can embrace who we really are, rather than being an armor to project something artificial to the world,” says Lauren. “They are made with the spontaneity and inspiration of creating a painting, embracing imperfection rather than perfection.”

Donning a Greg Lauren piece requires the wearer to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin, something that the powers that be at Barneys are eager for their customers to experience. And with the added promise that you’re wearing an exceptional, original design, you may even discover that you finally know exactly who you are.

There is one comment on Barneys Launches Greg Lauren’s First-Ever Collection:

  1. I like very much Greg´s words.
    We run a textile ¨place” where Florencia & I, as textile designers, wish to dress fashion´s naked truth. The reality of workshops where bored,dischanted people “make our clothes” as designers fancy them. Clothes that bussiness people are eager to sell.
    At our place we promote the “DoItYourself” and encourage people to embrace imperfection!
    May be to know exactly who you are is over ambitious, but never mind.
    Long life to Greg!

  2. Greg wishing you and your staff much success, started buying Ralph in 1969. May your endeavors be fruitful, advise if you will have a West Coast Showroom ? JJ

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