Bea Valdes



BEA VALDES  Spring/Summer 09 Collection which was launched in Paris this October. It was our strongest season to date

a trinket, a tassel, a talisman
Bea’s source of inspiration is the material itself
Each piece is an exploration
curious combinations of leather ribbons
the sway of gloss drops, a pattern presented by a swatch of antique fabric

beads arrayed in tiny rows
"Like a crazed chemist, she can be found mixing a multitude of sequins in a canister,
Holding it up to the light, just to see the resulting concoction."

her method is "Stringing together millimeters into momentum"
Patterns are gently worked on, layer by layer
"bead by bead"
"Until a bag is nurtured and coaxed out of the embroiderer’s hoop.
Each one is distinctly individual, never to be replicated again.
There are occasional twins, sharing hybrid histories.
But they are never identical, always fraternal."

immaculately thoughtful ornaments — wearable art

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