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Beauty Guide: Hair And Skincare Roundup

Meghan Cleary

If there is one fashion expression Los Angelenos have over the rest of the global fashion scene, it’s in skin and haircare. The pounding desert sun, plenty of face time on TV and film, harsh chlorinated water and the ever-present beach culture make skincare a priority for fashionable Hollywood, Malibu and Coldwater Canyon residents alike.

When stealing away to St. Bart’s is not on the schedule, Angelenos head to Ole Henrickson Spa. Renowned among A-listers for more than 30 years, Henrickson has created an oasis on Sunset Boulevard dedicated solely to rejuvenation. With a background in both cosmetic chemistry and the natural healing powers of traditional Indonesian skincare, Henrickson continues to pioneer deeply relaxing treatments from hydrotherapy to microdemabrasion to his signature six-step body treatment. His newest skincare line, which harnesses the power of African red tea and pomegranate, was developed at Ole Henrickson Thailand and has garnered prizes from Bazaar to Natural Beauty.

Kate Somerville Spa, hidden away on Melrose Place down the street from Marc Jacobs and Marni, is a beguiling luxury hideaway where the hush-hush atmosphere belies some of the most pioneering medical advances in skincare. Bergamot, aloe and lactic acid are combined with traditional papaya acids in Somerville’s ExfoliKate, a staple in every in-the-know beauty junkie’s bathroom cabinet. Behind it all is Kate herself, a skincare powerhouse in demand for more than 15 years by A-listers prepping for red carpet appearances.

Evan Healy takes the less is more approach. Combining small batches of artisanal plant hydrosols in a holistic line based on ayurvedic principles, Healy believes that plants and skin speak the same language—and in letting your skin heal itself with the support of plant life. Addressing skincare needs with her Rose, Blue and Blemish lines, Healy also offers a sample kit that is perfect for holistic jetsetters.

Malibu Wellness bases its entire skin line on the philosophy of oxidation—the process that leads to free radicals—when it comes to damaged skin and hair. The first skincare company to coin the term antioxidant in the late ’70s, Malibu Wellness infuses all its products with nature’s power against oxidation: Vitamin C*#8212;specifically a patented nature-identical, food-grade,15 % L-ascorbic acid in fresh-dried form and hermetically sealed that’s activated only when the individual is ready to begin using it. This intense infusion of Vitamin C into the skin staves off everything from keratosis to melasma, rosacea to skin tags. And the refillable, recyclable, earth-friendly dispensers round out the eco-friendly offering.

Los Angeles’ harsh chlorinated water supply also takes a real toll on both hair and skin. Among Giovanni Organics’ haircare products is Colorflage, which uses a unique berry cocktail combined with silicone to defend hair color and maximize shine. Giovanni recently launched a line of D-Tox for the body, an active charcoal all-over body scrub that de toxifies the skin from abrasive water, and patented technology incorporating vitamins, herbs, minerals, proteins, nutrients and essential oils from renewable plants to rejuvenate and protect the skin. For those in the know, Giovanni’s organic Peppermint, Grapefruit and Lavender recyclable towelettes are a must-have for every long haul traveler – gentle enough for the face, but antiseptic enough for the hands.

—Meghan Cleary