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Beauty Guru: Dry Skin Care

Geoffrey Rodriguez

Dry skin plagues most of us during the harsh winter months. Extreme weather conditions combined with the dehydrating indoor environments can wreak havoc on the skin, from head to toe. And while a multitude of products are readily available, it’s crucial to address individual dry-skin needs. In this issue of Beauty Guru, we focus on a variety of the most effective dry skin remedies that will soothe even the most dehydrated and chapped winter skin.

Ahava makes of our favorite Dry Oil Body Mist, which instantly gives skin a radiant, hydrated glow. The Israeli brand also offers a full range of skincare for the face and body, all of which are enriched with Ahava’s signature Dead Sea minerals. Our top selections for combating dry skin include Ahava’s Essential Day Moisturizer (available in three formulas, including a very dry skin formula), the Essential Reviving Serum and the highly absorbent Dermud Nourishing Body Cream and Caressing Body Sorbet for extra rejuvenation. Ahava’s Dermud Intensive Hand and Foot Cream also receive our highest marks, and are essential for any time of year. Log on to the website for more information.

New on our radar is Alabu. Made from the finest all-natural, unrefined ingredients, the brand’s soaps are made with goat’s milk, an ingredient that has been used for centuries for its soothing and nourishing properties. Alabu also offers a small range of skincare made with other nurturing ingredients, but the Original Body Lotion in particular was formulated for sensitive and dry skin with an exclusive proprietary blend of essential oils and plant extracts that naturally preserve the product for two years. Alabu receives our highest ratings for purity and effectiveness. Check out their website for more great products and information about Alabu.

Dermalogica is a leader in highly effective skincare products and innovative treatments. The brand’s Ultra-Rich Body Cream is ideal for soothing dry skin regardless of the season, while the Super Rich Repair is a highly concentrated “heavyweight” cream that combats even the driest complexion. Dermalogica’s Dry Skin Kit also contains a full dry skin regimen, including our favorite Multi-Active Toner which is ideal for travel (a major contributing factor to dry skin). For more information about Dermalogica products or to experience a treatment at a flagship location, log onto the brand website.

First Aid Beauty
While the name may suggest essential practicality, First Aid Beauty is a full modern day household remedy product range. Based on pure, basic and highly functional principles while blending the best of science and nature, First Aid Beauty was created to address everyday beauty and skincare needs. The Ultra Repair Cream is one of the most effective dry skin remedies that we have encountered, but the brand also offers other amazing products for dry skin, including the Face Cleanser, Gentle Body Wash and one of our favorite lip balms, the Ultra Repair Lip. For more information about First Aid Beauty, log onto the website.

40 Degrees Younger
Although it was recently spotlighted in our Anti-Aging feature, 40 Degrees Younger once again deserves mentioning for its remarkable and instantly visible results—especially for soothing and nurturing parched hands. The brand uses an exclusive and rare custom formulation of ingredients, Q/StanD™, which are extremely effective at restoring the overall texture of the hands and instantly reveals younger, rejuvenated skin. We cannot speak highly enough about the incredible results that these products deliver, which continue to improve with regular use. 40 Degrees Younger receives our highest ratings for efficacy and innovation. Check out the website for more information about these amazing products.

Peter Thomas Roth Clinical Skin Care
With a family history in the European spa industry and a personal passion for exceptional skincare, Peter Thomas Roth is one of the most effective and specialized product lines. The brand’s Mega Rich™ series includes a rich, vitamin-infused shampoo and conditioner as well as Mega Rich™ Body Lotion, which feels extremely light to the touch but is thoroughly hydrating—a true testament to Roth’s superior standards of efficacy. We also love the Mega Rich™ Body Wash and extremely tactile Moisture Infusion Facial Bars, but the brand deserves further exploration for its issue-specific . Log onto the website for more information.

Celebrating more than 50 years of healing dry skin, Yu-Be offers some of the most effective dry skin remedies available anywhere. Developed in Japan, these highly effective glycerin-based products are extremely emollient, yet absorb quickly into the skin and have been proven to be thoroughly effective even in the most extreme conditions. We particularly love the brand’s iconic Moisturizing Skin Cream, Foaming Skin Polish and the very clever and practical Heal and Elbow Socks. Check out the website for more product information.

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