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Geoffrey Rodriguez

“Experience” seems to be a ubiquitous catch phrase these days. With all of the technological advances and conveniences available, we often lose sight of the importance and pleasures of one-to-one personal experiences. Thankfully, the beauty and wellness industries have remained refuges of personal interaction, as it would be impossible to indulge in most treatments without the aid of a professional.

The following innovators provide the highest quality services with consideration for patrons’ overall experience. They’ll make you look and feel as beautiful and radiant as you’ve ever been.

Giving Nature

The outward appearance of health is one of the goals of beauty. With that in mind, the holistic, multi-disciplinary wellness center, Giving Nature, has created a unique beauty treatment called Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture. Founded by Janet Humphrey, L.Ac., the center offers an experience not to be missed. The treatments produce an undeniable feeling of euphoria, along with visibly radiant, glowing, beautiful skin, noticeable for several days following. Adding to the overall incredible experience, entering the downtown Manhattan location is like exiting the doorway of the grimy city into an inviting world of peaceful, Zen-like tranquility. From lymphatic drainage–key for beautiful skin–to yoga and nutritional advice, the Giving Nature Center provides a multitude of services to fit any budget.

Hibba NYC

Eyebrow salons have become about as commonplace as nail bars and cornering the market with such vast competition is definitely a challenge. The recently opened Hibba NYC is unique in that they guarantee an intimate experience while offering a unique variety of eco-friendly eyebrow threading, sugaring, and waxing services. Hibba NYC was founded by self-proclaimed “browologist” Hibba Kapil, who became renowned in her Indian village as a young girl for her mastery of the art of threading. At her namesake salon located in the heart of Soho, Hibba creates perfect eyebrows for each client by first drawing an ideal shape and then threading and waxing around the shape with natural cotton thread and a choice of two natural waxes. Completing the experience is a soothing and gentle temple massage with rosewater compression. Just don’t come on Monday, as Hibba devotes that day to offering her services to women who volunteer to such noted philanthropic causes as the American Cancer Society and the New York Restoration Project.

Makeup & Go

Her frustration with a lack of basic makeup application services in the beauty industry ultimately led former entertainment industry executive Lori Sale to create her Brentwood, CA-based store Makeup & Go. Dedicated purely to offering affordable makeup applications, Makeup & Go offers a full menu of services to suit anyone’s needs and schedule, with prices ranging from $18-70. Blow outs are even available for the astonishingly low price of $35.

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