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Beauty Guru: Eyebrow Shaping And Shading Tips

Geoffrey Rodriguez

In our latest Beauty Guru series Geoffrey Rodriguez talks us through the vital art of eyebrows.

If the eyes are the mirrors to the soul, then perhaps the eyebrows should be thought of as the perfect frame. We communicate a lot by expressing certain emotions with our eyebrows and eyebrows are in fact our most important facial feature. An overall modern, sophisticated look really just includes perfect brows, minimal concealer or foundation to even the complexion, a hint of blush and lip-gloss or a tinted lip balm.

Maintaining your eyebrows or simply knowing what shape best suits you is now as convenient as having your nails done, so there’s really no longer any excuse for plucking disasters at home or for not maintaining your brows. Most spas and salons provide brow services, but specialized brow salons and service stations are emerging everywhere—even in the vast retail cosmetics arena and quite often at very affordable prices. New and clever eyebrow products are also on the rise, you certainly won’t be disappointed by any of the following recommendations.

Often referred to as the “eyebrow expert,” Anastasia has been successfully grooming and plucking celebrity eyebrows for several years now. Her highly specialized namesake eyebrow salons are popping up everywhere and Anastasia recently launched a full range of cosmetics that includes some of the best eyebrow products available anywhere. From brushes to tweezers, pencils, highlighters, brow gel and even stencils that help you recreate her signature perfect shapes, Anastasia has truly covered all the bases for creating and maintaining the perfect brows.

This cult beauty line consistently comes up with the most clever, essential and convenient products, so it comes as no surprise that it recently launched the fabulous “brows a-go-go.” This all-in-one kit contains everything one needs for achieving perfect eyebrows, including an adorable set of mini tweezers, along with a useful and practical step-by-step instructional. If you’re not feeling confident about doing your own eyebrows, visit the Benefit Brow Bar at any local Benefit department store counter and a highly trained staff member will show you how to create your perfect shape. You may also visit any of the freestanding Benefit boutiques to have your brows waxed and shaped by a licensed esthetician along with many other incredibly affordable services. Even more convenient: there’s no appointment necessary.

Christian Dior
The newly launched Diorshow Brow Styler is unique in that it comes in only one shade, suitably named “universal-brown,” which works for (almost) everyone. It works for anyone from medium blonde to dark brunette and the soft shade is perfectly unassuming, but the texture is light, blendable and subtle—creating perfect modern and slightly architectural eyebrows. Finish with Diorshow Brow Gel and your brows will stay looking fantastic throughout the day.

Maybelline Expert Eyes
Those little red pencils that your mother has been using for years really do the job. The blonde shade in particular is the perfect taupey shade that works for many people, especially if you want to create subtlety. What’s more, you can buy this classic twin brown and eye pencil set almost anywhere on the planet.

Celebrity make-up artist Brett Freedman has created his own line of extremely useful and specialized eyebrow products, including some very clever double-sided tweezers. Eyebrow pencil or powder shades for, say, platinum blondes or redheads are typically the hardest to find, but this industry insider has come up with one of the best selections of brow pencil shades and powders anywhere, including: blondest, blondie, gingerella and auburnista. And be sure to check out the website for some really great professional tips from Freedman himself.

Final note: When choosing a shade of pencil or powder to enhance your eyebrows, select a shade that is one or two shades lighter than your hair color. The end result will be much more subtle and complementary. Too dark of a shade can be overpowering and draws too much attention to your brows.

—Geoffrey Rodriguez