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Beauty Guru: Favorite Summer Must-Haves

Geoffrey Rodriguez

Although summer is officially halfway over, there’s no reason to abandon your beauty regimen during the remaining weeks. We’ve covered everything from haircare to sun-simulating tanners in this column, so there’s no shortage of inspiration or insight to carry you through to fall. And yet with so many topics and product categories covered here at Beauty Guru, we’ve decided to dedicate this week’s guide to our top picks for the very best, not-to-miss summer beauty products—from eyewear to sunscreen, and everything in between. There’s still ample time to discover what works best for you during the hot weather months, so check out these products for maximum effectiveness and enjoyment.

Below Your Belt
Below Your Belt If there’s ever a season for keeping our private areas well groomed, it’s the summer. And fortunately, Below Your Belt Shaving Cream for men and women has revolutionized this often-challenging beauty ritual. BYB is a must –have product for the new generation of people who appreciate personal grooming from head-to-toe, as well as everything in-between. Created by Hans F Hansen, BYB is truly unique and delivers the most optimal results: you’ll have no razor bumps or irritation, and you’ll find that it’s extremely nourishing for the skin as well. Check out the website for product information as well as clever shaving instructions

ClarisonicKeeping the skin thoroughly cleansed during the summer is key, and the Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System (perhaps our favorite of all beauty devices) is an absolute essential for year-round skincare. Nothing cleanses as thoroughly and effectively. Explore the website for more information and to discover the new variety of styles, brush options and colors.

Freeway Eyewear
Freeway Eyewear Protective, complimentary and one of the season’s best indulgences, sunglasses are the most quintessential summer accessory. Reinterpreting classic eyewear style in a very fresh, modern approach, Freeway Eyewear is our go-to choice for accessible and stylish frames. Inspired by the California lifestyle, each of the five extremely flattering unisex styles is named after an iconic Los Angeles route and designed with the perfect touch of retro detailing while maintaining a completely contemporary, chic esthetic. Freeway Eyewear is a staple for summer and throughout the year. Check out the website for more details.

Leonor Greyl – Beautifying Oils
Leonor GreylLeonor Greyl’s Huile de Magnolia is the one product that will soothe and nurture summer skin from head to toe—and the scent is, in a word, heavenly! Absolutely essential for detangling and deep conditioning summer hair as well as for nourishing sun-tired skin, this beautifying oil is truly the must-have summer beauty product that everyone needs. Check out the website for all of Leonor Greyl’s amazing products.

Vapour Organic Beauty
Vapour Organic Beauty, Atmosphere Luminous FoundationComprised of the finest natural and organic ingredients, Vapour Organic Beauty always receives our highest ratings. The incredibly weightless formulations make this the ultimate brand for overall effortless summer beauty. And with the wide variety of beneficial ingredients, Vapour is also the perfect brand to use year-round. The brand’s hydrating, nourishing all-natural and organic ingredients make looking beautiful easy and healthy. Our top selections are the Atmosphere Luminous Foundation, Soft Focus Foundation, Trick Stick Concealer and the Aura Multi-Use Blush range. But, really, the entire collection is superb. Check out the brand’s website for more information.

Supergoop Sunscreen
Supergoop Sunscreen Sunscreen is the most important product to have on hand (and body!) year-round. But with so many choices, the process of selecting an effective product can become a matter of trial and error. Supergoop Sunscreen products provide the most effective protection as well as a variety of superior formulations that suit every individual need. The Sunscreen Wipes, 30+ Everyday Spray, Save Face Serum with SPF 30 and infused Lip Balms receive our highest ratings. Log onto the brand website for more product information.

Zoya Nail Polish
Zoya Nail Polish Perfectly polished nails truly complete one’s overall appearance—and especially so when you have more skin exposed and minimal make-up during the summer. Zoya Nail Polish offers one of the most extensive ranges of rich, luxurious, longwearing and non-toxic formulations, and run in fashion-forward shades to suit every taste—from demure to dramatic. For more information or to see the full range of amazing colors and products, log onto the Zoya website.

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