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Beauty Guru: Men's Beauty

Geoffrey Rodriguez

As the cosmetics and skincare industries thrive, the demand for effective men’s grooming products has been on the rise, resulting in a wide range of male-specific and male-friendly product formulations. Men are now spending $3.5 billion annually on plastic surgery procedures and recent studies show that 83% of men are attracted to male-specific packaging. And while new products emerge in the extremely competitive cosmetics arena, many existing brands have become far more conscious of male-specific needs as well as the diverse range of masculine preferences. In this issue of Beauty Guru, we turn our focus to the best and most effective products for men that are sure to please all types of tastes. From shaving needs to skincare, suncare products and more, being a well-groomed man has never been more enjoyable or convenient.

Alchimie Forever
alchimieAlchimie Forever has recently redesigned the packaging for its highly effective men’s skincare products. The products are formulated to address male-specific concerns such as shaving irritation and ingrown hairs as well as anti-aging. We are particularly impressed with the Tightening Eye Contour Gel. Eliminating breakable jars for travel convenience, the products have also been packaged in easy to use squeeze tubes. With the brand’s highest standards of quality and efficacy, Alchimie Forever Men receives our highest ratings. For more information about these and other Alchimie Forever products, log onto the website.

Dirty by Lush
dirty-by-lushExperiential beauty pioneer Lush has now created the Dirty range. This rather straightforward collection of, shall we say, male-centric products was designed as a simple, minimal regime for anyone with an extremely active lifestyle. Each product has its own refreshing and invigorating notes which layer beautifully together. Lush’s Dirty series receives our highest ratings for practicality and experience. Log onto the website for more information.

Evolution Man
evolution-manOne of the newest brands on our radar here at Beauty Guru is Evolution Man. With a highly male-specific philosophy, Evolution Man has tapped into the truly contemporary male aesthetic of beauty. Not only does the brand feature make-up in the form of Conceal (a tinted cream that blends effortlessly to a seamless, undetectable finish), Evolution Man has also recently introduced a delightful yet masculine series of Nail Paints. While maintaining an eco-green brand philosophy and utilizing cutting edge technology with scientifically proven ingredients, Evolution Man receives our top marks for innovation and brand image. For more information about Evolution Man’s selection of products, log onto the website.

J. Paul
J.-PaulTruly the most masculine of the product lines we are featuring, J. Paul simplifies the processes of male grooming. Primarily focused on shaving, each of the products are multi-functional and, as previously mentioned, masculine in every sense of the word. Simple, effective and extremely practical, J. Paul receives our top ratings. For more information about J. Paul products as well as great tips on how to use them, log onto the brand website.

kyokuAlready mentioned in previous posts, Kyoku is one of the most effective and extensive ranges of grooming products formulated to address the specific needs of men’s skin. The brand continues to evolve and offer new and exciting products such as the new Wind body series, which is part of the brand’s collection of atmospheric scented body products. We love so many products on the range overall, but top favorites include the Pore Reducing Serum and the Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15. To learn more about Kyoku, go to the brand’s website.

Skin Authority Man
skin-authoritySkin Authority is also new on our radar, but is growing quickly. The company produces a complete and rather extensive collection of skincare products. Combining the best of nature and science, the brand recently introduced Skin Authority Man, a daily regimen of anti-aging products that address the unique and often challenging needs of men. The line includes some of the most effective products we have come across and is ideal for active men. Skin Authority Man receives our highest ratings for innovation and efficacy, and we particularly love the Age Defying Hydrating Sunscreen with SPF 30. Check out the brand website for more products and information.

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  1. At last their is a site where men can look at finding products that can help in the area of beauty. I am approaching 40 and the range by skin authority looks appealing. Thanks.

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