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Beauty Guru: More Anti-Aging

Geoffrey Rodriguez

Following the positive response to our recent coverage of groundbreaking anti-aging formulations, we’ve decided to continue our exploration of this innovative and highly specialized beauty category. Each of the following products deserves to be recognized for effectively utilizing unique formulations, advanced technology and ultimately for delivering optimal results when it comes to healthy skincare and anti-aging improvements.

Elysee Fountain of Youth
Elysee Fountain of Youth wrinkle intervention creamIf the name alone doesn’t convey the message the amazing results will! Elysee was Originally founded in 1923 by Dr. Elizabeth Blumenthal, a highly sought after skincare specialist, Elysee has since come to be regarded as a pioneer in the industry. Having introduced many of the most effective and commonly used ingredients utilized in anti-aging skincare products—including grapeseed extract, Royal Jelly and AHA’s among several others—the brand continues to explore further research and development. Elysee is also visionary in the introduction of several exclusive and proprietary skincare breakthroughs, such as the Wrinkle Intervention Cream, but overall it is a superb anti-aging range. Check out the website for more products and information.

Enpointe Skin Solutions
Enpointe Skin Solutions Age Delay Eye Solution Pirouette Bamboo MicrodermSurviving breast cancer gave celebrated plastic surgeon Dr. Christine Rodgers M.D. a unique perspective on beauty and the common problems that develop as a result of aging, illness, stress, environment and hormones. The line is based on Dr. Rodger’s understanding that effective skincare goes beyond the surface of the skin and should work with its composition and overall function. Free of questionable ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, phthalates and growth factors, and formulated with natural botanicals, active enzymes and an exclusive proprietary complex (Bio-Energy Complex™), Enpointe is a remarkable line of anti-aging products. We are particularly impressed by the Age Delay Eye Solution Pirouette Bamboo Microderm cream. Check out the website for more information.

40 Degrees Younger
40 Degrees Younger Formulated with Q/Stan-D™, 40 Degrees Younger specifically addresses the obvious yet difficult to address signs of aging that affect the hands and neck. Backed by extensive research, this specialized anti-aging system penetrates deep into the skin’s surface to the mitochondria DNA in order to reveal more youthful skin. 40 Degrees Younger receives our highest ratings for innovation and aiding in the fight against anti-aging. Log onto the website for more information.

Muvazi A skincare regimen built around the exclusive ingredient Oat Beta Gluca, which stimulates the immune system and is proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scars and discoloration, Muvazi is based on a simple pledge to renew, restore and deliver results. Utilizing refreshing and invigorating botanical ingredients, these products evoke a beautiful spa-like feeling while delivering optimal results. Muvazi’s simple four-step system of highly effective products is a pleasure to use and an ideal anti-aging daily regimen. Check out the website for more information.

VbeautéThe newest product on our radar is put out by an ideal lifestyle anti-aging brand called vbeauté. Based on a passion for luxurious and highly effective products, vbeaute has turned to the highly respected CRB High Performance Laboratories of Geneva, Switzerland, to create the brand’s exclusive vComplex and Alpine Rose Botanical Technology, which protects and repairs the skin. Consisting of some of the most impressive and aesthetically pleasing anti-aging products we’ve encountered, vbeauté receives our highest marks. Check out the website for product information, including the fabulous It Kit which is ideal for travel.

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