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Geoffrey Rodriguez

Metaphorical sayings aside, it turns out that men are literally thicker skinned than women—approximately 20% more so, in fact. Coupled with the added factors of regular shaving and facial hair maintenance, this dermatological distinction presents a greater challenge when it comes to preserving moisture and hydration. Fortunately, the current male-tailored market is thriving with a broad spectrum of items that speak to the range of masculine tastes and aesthetic inclinations. This feature is dedicated to additional brands that truly standout in the rapidly expanding realm of men’s grooming products. From very specific needs to natural and organic ingredients to advanced technology-based brands, the following recommendations are selected for their appealing approach and highly effective results.

With over ten years on the market and five brands under the company umbrella, Anthony’s skincare and grooming products have a wide-ranging appeal—including among members of the fairer sex. And with highly effective products such as the advanced technology of Cool Fix from the brand’s Shaveworks series—a soothing, nourishing, all-in-one shave gel/lotion that was formulated to combat in-grown hairs, razor burn and dryness—it’s easy to see why it has remained an enduring brand. Anthony Logistics For Men offers a variety of naturally based, multi-functional, multi-beneficial skincare, bath and body products, while Anthony Sport For Men focuses on the specific needs of an active male with convenient products that have been infused with nourishing blends of plant extracts. Each product in the Sport collection has an extremely appealing, clean and invigorating citrus scent that’s unmistakably masculine. The ACTION series, meanwhile, was created for a sophisticated man who appreciates straightforward, effective, ultra-premium products (we especially recommend the High Performance Moisturizer), while Anthony Body Essentials consists of lightly fragranced products including shower gels, body sprays and soaps. And don’t forget the conveniently sized travel kits for maximum protection.

Below Your Belt for Men
Shaving is certainly no longer limited to facial hair. The increasing popularity of a well-groomed pubic region, has increased the demand for an effective shaving product designed for this formerly un-chartered region. Addressing this potentially hazardous yet rather specific requirement, Hans Hansen has created Below Your Belt, an extremely rich and conditioning shave cream that is specially developed to offer lubrication and moisture to sensitive skin for a smooth, stubble-free surface. It doesn’t get more straightforward than this and the results are indeed impressive. Ladies needn’t feel excluded either, as there is a BYB formulated exclusively for women.

Hey Dude Skin Care
Don’t be put off by the somewhat capricious name—Hey Dude Skin Care for men offers premium products that hone in on male-specific concerns and issues. Recognizing that the skin itself can be the best defense against the often harsh and damaging effects of the environment, Hey Dude is ideal for any man with an active, sporty lifestyle and with a great appreciation for superior, highly active skincare. Utilizing the finest natural ingredients combined with the most advanced scientific breakthroughs, the brand’s standout products include Young Dude Forever, a light gel moisturizer containing 100% pure hylauronic acid for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, as well as the incredible For Your Eyes Only, an eye cream that moisturizes and repairs the delicate, hard-to-hydrate tissue around the eyes.

Odin New York
In addition to eponymous boutiques in the Big Apple and distribution at some of the finest retailers in the world, Odin New York also offers a beautiful collection of four extremely wearable and desirable scents. Encouraging one to experience the process of discovery, the chic, simple and tactile matte black bottles—each marked only with a number—are cleverly encased in comparably beautiful matte black boxes that have small grosgrain pull-tabs for maximum design appeal as well as fragrance preservation. Minimal yet highly sophisticated, perfectly masculine yet appealing to women, Odin is a must for all fragrance lovers.

Matte for Men
An uncomplicated blending of science and simplicity is the philosophy behind Matte For Men. Arguably one the most essential, multi-functional and practical men’s product lines, the company combines the finest natural ingredients with advanced scientific technology for optimum results. The line boasts clever and convenient men’s products that speak volumes to any male who can both enjoy life and appreciate its high-quality luxuries. The Complete Cleansing Cloths are quite possibly the best of their category, offering extreme refreshment without leaving unpleasant residue, while the ultra-light Complete Face and Head Care Lotion with SPF 25 feels absolutely weightless—even during a rigorous outdoor workout. The Intense Mint Lip balm and Man Powder are also must-have essential items for every male.

Nickel Spa
Originally formed in 1996, the Nickel Spa for men deserves recognition for its pioneering spirit alone. This unrivaled spa offers a modern yet masculine environment that addresses every possible male grooming need—from body treatments to manicures and pedicures. Although there are only locations in London, Paris and New York, Nickel Spa’s no-nonsense yet innovative products are essential for any man with a hectic lifestyle. Standout items include the Morning After Rescue Face Gel and Eye Contour Gel, but check out the website for more product information and a complete listing of spa services.

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