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Beauty Guru: More Product Breakthroughs

Geoffrey Rodriguez

As summer rapidly approaches, it’s imperative to establish and maintain your skincare regimen. Thorough hydration and exfoliation are key factors in maintaining year-round healthy skin, but it’s particularly important during the summer months—especially with heavy sun exposure and holidays on the horizon. Although cruelty-free formulations remain at the forefront of cosmetics marketing strategies, there is also a huge demand for diverse ingredients and formulations as well as distinguishable lifestyle branding. In our continuing search for the most superior formulations in skincare and cosmetics, we are pleased to recommend the following brands as worthy additions to your existing (or developing) regimen.

HåkannsonRecognized for perfecting the art of natural-looking, effortless beauty, Swedish-born make-up artist Katarina Håkannson has a created a totally unique lifestyle line of skincare and cosmetics. Designed for the truly modern consumer and containing only the finest ingredients, Håkannson’s products highly effective as well as user-friendly. Håkannson’s minimalist, yet complete approach to beauty is reflected throughout the range—right down to the chic, understated packaging. Consisting of very simple, straightforward products—some of which are multi-functional—the skincare line has garnered quite a loyal following for standout items like ultra-refreshing vitamin sprays and super hydrating lip balm. The cosmetics line is equally chic with products like a recently launched mascara (simply called The Mascara), which uses a revolutionary formula that is gentle on the eyes while delivering full, gorgeous lashes. Approachable and effective, this is what skincare is meant to be.

Princess Theodora Von Auersperg
Princess Theodora Von AuerspergUsing only the finest natural ingredients and essential oils, Princess Theodora Von Auersperg’s recently launched, thoroughly effective skincare line is based around ancient aromatherapy formulas. Addressing every basic skincare need, the collection consists of a concise range of products—cleansing, toning and moisturizing—that captivates and inspires the true essence of beauty while delivering optimal results. The gorgeous rose scent is more likely to appeal to feminine tastes, but it’s never overpowering and therefore suitable for anyone who appreciates supreme formulations in skincare. The Harmonizing Rose Toner spray and Mood Balancing Spray offer the most nose-tickling perfumes, while the Eye Nourishing Rose Cream and Moisturizing Rose Lotion are overall superb. Check out the website for more details about the line as well as some wonderful facts and information about Princess Theodora herself.

Snowberry New Zealand
SnowberrySnowberry is an extraordinary line from New Zealand that utilizes rare ingredients found exclusively in the rich, vast native climate. Aided by Snowberry’s chief scientist, Dr. Andy Levant, founder and esthetician Soraya Hendesi has created a truly unique line of natural products that perform and deliver remarkable results while addressing very specific needs—from acne to anti-aging. Founded on the belief that an appreciation for natural beauty contributes to sustainable happiness, the brand’s extensive range of exceptional products includes standouts like the Remineralizing Toner, Instant Deep Cleanser and Everyday Broad Spectrum Cream (with SPF 15).

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