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Beauty Guru: Nail Varnish

Geoffrey Rodriguez

Few things complete one’s overall appearance as effectively as perfectly lacquered nails. Nail varnish has forever maintained a reputation as the ultimate finishing touch, but fashion’s recent obsession with bare-minimalist beauty is creating a greater demand for diverse nail varnish shades and finishes that can be used as alternative color statements. It’s of no surprise then that nail varnish and nail-care products have become the largest growing category in color cosmetics. And while nail varnish maintains its status as the ultimate finishing touch of beauty, the variety and diversity of shades, unique finishes, formulations and price points that are now available is truly astounding. In this issue of Beauty Guru, we focus on the best resources for nail varnish—from designer labels to cruelty free formulations, the following suggestions are certain to please.

ChanelA leader in innovative formulations, Chanel offers some of the most sought-after seasonal shades available. The le Vernis range lives up to the brand’s well-established reputation with colors that often sell out upon launching and typically become cult-classics (including the now iconic Vamp as well as our current favorite Black Pearl). Devotees can most certainly look forward to the next breakthrough or limited edition shades. Log on to the website for more product info, or experience the amazing range at a local Chanel counter.

OPIRecognized in the beauty industry as the leader in pioneering nail products and superior formulations, OPI offers what is perhaps the most extensive range of nail varnish shades as well as innovative finishes. Whether a must-have seasonal shade, a color designed to support breast cancer research or an interesting pop culture collaboration—such as the current limited edition Muppet Movie series (Warm and Fozzie is our top choice)—the brand continues to deliver amazing and highly effective products.

Magnetic Attraction by Nails Inc
Nails IncAvailable in only three shades, Magnetic Attraction by Nails Inc is formulated with metallic particles that create unique patterns on the nail utilizing magnetic forces. The result is quite interesting indeed. Nails Inc gets our top marks for innovation. Check out the brand website for more product information.

Sheswai Lacquer
SheswaiThis small yet concise collection of formaldehyde, toluene and dbp-free nail lacquers developed by celebrity manicurist Debbie Leavitt is truly all one needs for the perfect selection of shades. The rather sweet bottle has been cleverly designed with sustainably harvested wood caps, thereby reducing the use of plastic. Our favorite shades are Stoned and Sugarkiss. Check out the website for more information.

Sparitual Vegan Nail Lacquers
SparitualWhile non-toxic nail varnish formulations have become rather commonplace, Sparitual has perfected a vegan nail lacquer formula that is truly outstanding. A unique color system has been created to inspire a selection of the perfect individual shade or shades and a patented “plump cap” allows for easy opening and simple application. Sparitual is by far the most effective vegan nail lacquer formula available. Check out the brand’s website for more product information.

ZoyaZoya is recognized as the longest wearing natural-based nail varnish. And the brand’s selection of shades and finishes is spectacular to boot. Our top favorites are the Touch collection, which includes three perfect nude shades, as well as Petra, which is the perfect mauve-like grey. Log onto the website for the full selection of colors.

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