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Geoffrey Rodriguez

The beauty trends we recognize on glossy magazine pages, fashion runways and celebrity red carpets are largely due to the talents and efforts of expert professionals. One should always trust the advice shared by any such recognized professionals, especially when it involves creating or recommending a great product. In this issue of Beauty Guru, we turn the spotlight on some incredible products that have either been developed by professionals or are being used by top professionals in the multi-faceted beauty industry. Cleverly designed, convenient, practical and absolutely essential, the following products will make you seem like a beauty expert too.

Beauty Blender
beauty-blenderWe’ve mentioned the Beauty Blender in previous posts because this incredible tool is such a practical and essential beauty item. Developed by professional make-up artist Rea Ann Silva, the Beauty Blender has virtually taken the entire industry by storm—it’s now used by professional make-up artists for celebrities, fashion, film, print and television. This amazing little sponge literally takes blending foundation and concealer to a new dimension of flawless perfection, which is crucial in today’s world of high-definition photography. The Beauty Blender is one of our top favorite beauty tools. For more Blender products and information, log onto the brand website.

Beauty So Clean
beauty-so-cleanKeeping cosmetics and brushes free of dirt and bacteria is not always a top priority—or very convenient. Fortunately, Beauty So Clean has made this chore an absolute breeze with convenient and highly effective sanitizing products that everyone can use. The range consists of a fantastic Sanitizer Mist, Sanitizer Wipes and Conditioning Brush Cleanser, each of which is vitally important to use on a regular basis. Receiving our highest ratings for filling a major void in the cosmetics industry, Beauty So Clean products are a must! For more information about Beauty So Clean, log onto the brand website.

Mai Couture
mai-coutureA broken powder or blush compact is never a pleasant experience. Thanks to the revolutionary Mai Couture Foundation/Powder, Blush, Blotting and Bronzer, and Blotting Papiers, this potential disaster need no longer be of any concern. Make-up touch-ups are simple, convenient and mess-free with these feather-light sheets of paper. Ideal for travel and far more hygienic than the average make-up brush, blush/powder compact, etc., Mai Couture receives our highest ratings for innovation and design.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar
occObsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) Lip Tars are some of the most exciting products we’ve recently discovered. These 100% vegan formulations are highly pigmented and also very moist so you can blend a small amount for a soft, sheer stain or go for more of a visually impactful statement with a fuller application. The selection of shades is truly remarkable—you can wear them alone or combine multiple shades to create new colors. We love the simple tube for convenient applications on the go. OCC Lip Tar receives top marks overall. For more information on OCC, log onto the website.

Shadow Shields
shadow-shieldsFor many, achieving the perfect smoky or sultry cat-eye is a major priority. But applying eye-shadow, eyeliner or any eye make-up for that matter, can be a rather messy process, often resulting in what is officially known as eye make-up fallout. Created by professional make-up artist Michelle Villanueva, Shadow Shields are a genius solution to those little bits of eye make-up that smudge your face or cheeks. Eye make-up fallouts are now virtually a thing of the past thanks to these amazing and practical little wonders. Shadow Shields receive our highest ratings for innovative design and are truly a must-have item for anyone who enjoys wearing make-up. Check out the website for more information.

z-paletteNothing looks as sleek and professional as a palette of coordinated color cosmetics. Receiving our highest marks for innovative and practical design, Z Palette offers everything one needs for complete beauty customization – from magnetic palettes in a variety of prints, magnetic pans and stickers. Create your own palettes using all your favorite color cosmetics and have a complete beauty wardrobe. For more information about Z Palette, log on to the brand website.

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