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Beauty Guru: Professional Secrets

Geoffrey Rodriguez

Professional makeup artists are always the best source for what products are new, innovative, and most effective in the world of cosmetics and beauty. Similarly, it’s advisable to take note of what these professionals are doing to keep makeup and brushes meticulously clean and organized.

Whether for the purposes of convenience, cleanliness, or organization, the following tips will help you to look beautiful, conveniently.

Cleaning Brushes
The significance of brushes should absolutely be no secret to anyone who truly appreciates beauty. What unfortunately is most often not discussed is the importance of properly cleaning brushes. Although there are a multitude of affordable options, collectively brushes can be a substantial investment so taking care of them is absolutely essential. Any makeup brush that has been used must be cleaned on a regular basis, daily is ideal. Cleaner brushes last longer, therefore justifying the investment. More importantly though, harmful bacteria can build up in an unwashed brush and cause various unpleasant skin irritations.

As far as the actual cleaning, purchasing an industrial-strength chemical brush cleaner is by no means necessary. Cleaning your brushes at home with regular household items is the easiest and most convenient way to keep brushes clean and free of harmful bacteria. Here are a few very easy steps that can be done at home:
1. Wet the tip or bristles of the brush under lukewarm water pointing downward, ensuring that you do not get moisture under the metal tip, which will damage the brush.
2. On a clean cloth, sponge, or the palm of your hand, add the smallest drop of gentle shampoo or dish washing liquid and lightly rub the brush in circular motions to remove all the makeup. It is crucial to not over-lather the brush, as it can be very difficult to remove excess suds. For excessively dirty brushes such as a lip and or a foundation brush – using an oil-based makeup cleanser or even a drop of olive oil–extra virgin of course–prior to shampoo or soap is recommended.
3. Rinse the brush thoroughly under that tap, again with the tip pointing downward to remove all the soap.
4. Tap out the excess moisture on a clean cloth and reshape the bristles with your fingertips. Also be sure that the handles are clean and dry.
5. Allow brushes to air dry on a clean towel.

It’s also advisable to keep brushes in a brush roll made of a washable or cleanable surface and that won’t crush or misshape the brush heads when traveling or not in use. MAC and Bobbi Brown both offer wonderful choices of bags and brush roles that are widely available.

Beauty Blender
It’s hard to imagine that something as ordinary as the traditional, triangular makeup sponge could be updated but celebrity makeup artist Rea Ann Silva has done just that. Silva’s Beauty Blender has taken the entire cosmetics industry by storm. Years of experience in the industry gave Silva the inspiration to virtually re-invent the makeup sponge, which had faded into memory with the popularity of foundation brushes over the last several years. The Beauty Blender is by far the most essential makeup tool. With its unique egg shape that allows perfect blending, flawless foundation applications are easier, regardless of how much coverage you require. The Beauty Blender also smoothes out concealer under and around the eyes or on blemishes to an untraceable finish. And while thanks to its amazing cleanser, Beauty Blender can hold up to repeated use, there’s also a recycling program. Accept no imitations, the Beauty Blender may be the most important tool in your kit. Check out the website for great tips and product information.

Z Palette
Now you can have all your eye shadow and blush choices conveniently available and organized at your fingertips like true professional artists. Celebrity makeup artist Zena Shteysel has made this possible with her very clever Z Palettes. These fantastic reusable palettes allow you to streamline all of your color cosmetics, regardless of the brand or individual pan size, into sleek, customized, professional-looking color palettes. Simple online instructions demonstrate how to easily remove the color pans from existing palettes and pop them into the incredibly versatile magnetized Z Palette.  Not only will everything be beautifully arranged and organized, but the colors will be clearly visible through Z Palette’s see-through top. Z Palettes also come in a variety of sizes so that you can interchange colors for different occasions or for travel. Z Palettes are truly a must-have item for all beauty aficionados!
Anyone who travels regularly will know what a nightmare it is to carry anything liquid–who has time to fill those little drugstore bottles that inevitably open during flight? Ultimately, this means being without your favorite beauty products once you’ve arrived at your destination. The recently launched is a unique website that caters to the needs of all beauty conscious travelers. Created by Alexi Mintz and Kate Duff–colleagues and travel partners with over eleven years of experience in the beauty industry–these savvy ladies certainly realized what a huge gap there was in market for essential travel-sized beauty products. Convenient skin- and hair-care kits from a wide variety of well-known brands are available on this fantastic site, making travel much more beautiful and stress-free.

Tweezerman for Benefit Collection
Good tweezers and lash curlers are among the most practical of all beauty tools. Well-groomed eyebrows are a basic way to always look polished and refreshed, as are lashes that have a good curl. A recent collaboration from a cult beauty brand and tweezer specialists has brought us the Tweezerman for Benefit Collection consisting of a classic and essential slanted tweezers, a great retractable eyebrow-grooming brush that conveniently fits in small bags as well, and the ProCurler, which has been especially designed with a narrower top bar to curl even the most hard-to-curl lashes.

Finally, one should never be without a few clean Q-tips and tissues tucked away. Q-tips are a perfect, sanitary tool for all eye-makeup touch ups throughout the day. Facial tissues are another great way to clean up a mistake or to blot lips or excess oil.

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  1. Great article thank you!
    Good tip about not using too much soap when washing your brushes, I have learned that the hard way!
    And great website 3floz. I travel a lot and I waste too much time refilling my travel bottles.

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