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Beauty Guru: Rituals of Bathing

Geoffrey Rodriguez

In today’s fast-paced culture, the ritual of bathing has for the most part been replaced by the ease and convenience of a quick shower. And yet, bathing or soaking in a bath is truly one of life’s greatest simple pleasures. It also happens to be essential for hydrating the skin during the seasonal weather changes as well as for de-stressing the mind and relaxing the body. In this issue of Beauty Guru, we explore some of the most effective and luxurious bath products, each created to enhance all of one’s most important cleansing rituals—regardless of the means.


One of the most trusted names for essential household bath and body care products, Aveeno offers a selection of highly effective bath products. The top-rated Soothing Bath Treatment and Stress Relief Foaming Bath, in particular, are ideal for soothing and calming dry, itchy skin. Utilizing the brand’s signature ingredient, colloidal oatmeal, which is clinically proven to soothe dry skin, these are truly some of the most reliable products to have on hand through the upcoming winter months. Aveeno receives our highest marks for efficacy as well as affordability.




Pioneers of experiential beauty, Lush makes the experience of getting clean both fun and pleasing to all the senses. The brand’s extensive collection of Bath Bombs, Bath Melts and Bubble Bombs come in a variety of scents, shapes and colors to suit every mood. From soothing to sexy—and everything in between—each product creates a totally unique bathing experience. Lush receives our top marks for innovation and creativity.




Palatium offers some of the most luxurious bath products we have ever come across and is regarded for its highly restorative properties. Inspired by ancient Roman bathing rituals, Palatium’s invigorating Replenishing Foam for Bath and Shower as well as the exquisite Roman Bath Oil combine organic Tuscan olive oil with a variety of soothing and nourishing ingredients. Palatium receives our highest ratings for its refined and highly experiential approach to bathing.




The Patyka brand philosophy is largely based on praising and celebrating the rituals of feminine beauty. Formulated utilizing only the finest skin-nourishing ingredients, the brand’s body washes can be used in the bath or the shower, and are each sublime. The body oils and multitude of amazing body and skincare products also reflect the brand’s commitment to nature. Patyka’s enticing range of bath and body products are designed for pure indulgence—it receives our highest ratings for refined luxury and pure formulations.




Tradition plays a vital role in Rica Bath & Body’s products. The brand uses artisanal Southern family recipes to create made-to-order, handcrafted, all-natural products. From the amazing 3-in-1 Bath Tea to the Oat and Honey Milk Bath, Siesta Salts and Soaking Stones, these products are absolutely incredible and receive our top ratings for heritage and quality.

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