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Beauty Guru: The Evolution of Haircare

Geoffrey Rodriguez

With increasing consumer demand and an ever-growing industry behind it, the cosmetics trade has embraced more natural, chemical-free formulations. When it comes to the hair-care industry in particular, effective products are crucial to the movement overall. In this issue of Beauty Guru, we turn our focus on some the most amazing hair-care products that will care for, nurture, restore and beautify your hair and scalp for the upcoming summer season and throughout the year.

A recent worldwide ban on Keratin straightening/relaxing treatments has brought a much-needed awareness to the harsh chemicals, including formaldehyde, which are used for this popular salon treatment. Keraluxe Safe Keratin Treatment (SKT) has revolutionized the beauty industry with the first natural-based Keratin treatment as well as a complementary range of hair-care products. We give the brand our highest ratings for its pioneering efforts to create a safer and non-toxic salon experience. For more information about Keraluxe and SKT products, log onto the website.

KNOW! Hair and Body
KNOW! Hair and Body is the collaboration of New York-based hairstylists George Wilman and Scott Bond, both of whom are highly trained and experienced industry professionals with a shared passion for natural, environmentally friendly products. Simple, refreshing and highly effective, KNOW! receives our top marks for overall brand concept. Log onto the website for more information about KNOW!

Leonor Greyl
As mentioned in previous posts, Leonor Greyl is recognized as a forerunner in natural-based formulations. With more than 35 years of experience and a reputation as one of France’s leading hair spas, the brand utilizes the finest ingredients to offer some of the most effective and nurturing hair-care treatments and styling products available. Our top favorites include the Huile de Palme beautifying hair oil, an absolute must-have item as well as Lait Luminescence and Eclat Naturel styling cream. For more information about Leonor Greyl products, log onto the website.

Phylia de M.
Newest on our radar and already one of our favorite discoveries, Phylia de M. produces unique formulations developed by renowned Japanese oncologist Dr. Dick Miyamaya. The brand is the brain-child of Kazu Namise and Kidada Jones, both of whom share a passion for health, beauty and the overall empowering results of beauty. These products are truly remarkable and highly effective. For more information about Phylia de M., log onto the brand website.

pureologyRecognized as the pioneers of ZeroSulfate® shampoos, Pureology introduces three Healthy Hair Kits to address specific hair regimen needs in zero-waste, 100% recyclable bottles. Utilizing salon-tested formulas, including the exclusive AntiFadeComplex®, Pureology products restore and nurture damaged and chemical/color-treated hair. The brand receives our top ratings for innovation and overall environmental consciousness. For more information about the Pureology Healthy Hair kits, log onto the website.

Rare El’ements
A collaboration between a top Beverly Hills stylist and a former fashion model, Rare El’ements has become one of the most respected names in hair care. And as its name suggests, Rare El’ements contains exotic ingredients from around the world that nurture and repair aging, damaged hair. The range consists of a simple trio of highly effective products—EL Treatment, Pure Shampoo and Conditioner—which will pamper your hair naturally without sacrificing high-performance results. Rare El’ements products deliver amazing results with great simplicity. Log onto the brand website for more information.

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