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Beauty Guru: Turquoise Is The Color Of 2010

Geoffrey Rodriguez

Pantone, global color authority and provider
of professional color standards for design industries, recently announced that
turquoise is the color of 2010. Given what is happening to the global economy –
and, of course, the ever-looming wars that continue throughout the world – this
comes as no surprise. The inviting, luminous hue of the color spectrum,
turquoise represents peace and tranquility, perfectly balancing the serene
qualities of blue and the invigorating aspects of green. Turquoise evokes
visions of tropical paradise and offers a sense of protection and healing,
allowing us to escape the woes of our daily routines. Historically, the
gemstone turquoise has been used as a healing talisman in many cultures throughout
the world, from Native America and Ancient Egypt to Asian and European
cultures. In New Age circles, and in relation to the chakras, turquoise is
viewed not only as the color of peace and tranquility, but also as that of


In terms of beauty and fashion, turquoise is
one of the most universally flattering shades to wear and is equally appealing
to both men and women. From the fairest blondes to the deepest African skin
tones, turquoise works on almost everyone. Blue eyes look bluer, green more
radiant, and brown instantly richer and warmer when accented with turquoise.
Turquoise makes reds and pinks pop and is the perfect complement to neutrals
and shades of brown. The hue can also be very interesting when mixed with other
shades of blue or green, particularly yellow-greens.


The following products are perfect turquoise
accents to add to your cosmetics wardrobe:


The eyes aren’t the only feature one can
accent with vibrant color. From Nicole by OPI come two incredibly delightful
shades of nail lacquers, Global Beauty and Respect the World. Both make the
perfect turquoise statement, are extremely flattering to wear, and are most
definitely eye-catching on the nails!


For the largest selection of turquoise eye
shadow, one cannot overlook the pioneer of artistry cosmetics, Shu Uemura. From
matte to metallic and pearl finishes, the vibrant colors and rich textures will
not disappoint. There is a shade for everyone, including vivid shades that
especially complement darker complexions.


Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, a leader in
prestige-brand color cosmetics and superior textures, have always pioneered
important color trends, and they certainly haven’t overlooked turquoise. The
Quadrilumieres shadow palette offers four beautiful, bronzy shades with the
most gorgeous turquoise accent – a perfect combination and an absolute must for
light blue and hazel eyes. Also from YSL, try Infini Curl Mascara in Infinite
Petrol Blue or Easy Liner for eyes in Easy Blue – both gorgeous on brown and
blue eyes.


Make Up Forever, another amazing resource for
color cosmetics, also have some of the best turquoise products. Sweep Diamond
Eye Shadow in Diamond Turquoise or Satiny Eye Shadow in Pearly Turquoise Blue
across the eyelids. Both boast incredible textures, are timelessly chic and
modern, and offer the perfect subtle turquoise accent, particularly for brown,
green, or hazel eyes. Try the Aqua Eyes Waterproof Pencil in Turquoise for an
even more vibrant statement.


Lastly, from MAC, Mineralize eye shadow in
Sea and Sky is a wonderful and universally flattering combination of blue and
green. Mineralize’s incredibly rich texture is created by baking the color,
which gives the eye shadow a crystallized or prismatic finish and makes it
extremely easy to use.


Happy New Year!


—Geoffrey Rodriguez

Editor’s Note: Geoffrey Rodriguez is a
celebrity makeup artist and is not paid to endorse any of the aforementioned
products. All products mentioned are done so objectively and are thoroughly
tested and/or used by Mr. Rodriguez.

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