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Geoffrey Rodriguez

Cross-branding has become a standard practice in the worlds of design and fashion. And truly no stone has been left un-turned, as interesting and often unexpected collaborations emerge to introduce a new or broader audience to an existing brand or consumer good. The beauty industry is no exception to this current cross-branding craze and is generating some rather exciting alliances. In this issue of Beauty Guru, we turn our focus to beauty’s most exciting product collaborations, some of which are yet to be available.

arquisteArquiste/Carlos Huber x Cire Trudon 

Mexican-born perfumer and former architect Carlos Huber has created some of the most sought-after fragrances for his label Arquiste. Huber’s process is one of great detail and passion, which is evident in the exquisite scents that seem to evoke an Old World aesthetic. It is no wonder then, that Cire Trudon, one of France’s oldest and most respected candle makers, has approached Huber to create a scented candle. While we patiently await this ‘Franco-Mexican’ olfactory collaboration, we highly recommend exploring the delightful fragrances already available in the Arquiste collection as well the most beautiful, decorative and fragrant candles from Cire Trudon.

KiehlsKiehl’s  x Kenny Scharf

Kiehl’s, New York’s original apothecary-inspired skin-care label, has always been recognized for its rather simple and straightforward approach to packaging and labeling. So it is indeed rather a surprise that the brand would collaborate with artist Kenny Scharf, who’s known for his bold, colorful, cartoon-like designs. The limited-edition labels are not only a fresh and updated look for the brand, but are also sure to draw an entirely new demographic of consumers to the very established lifestyle label.

lancome Lancôme – Emma Watson “In Love” and Alber Elbaz 

Lancôme has long recognized the power of celebrity, evident in its now iconic images of actresses such as Isabella Rossellini, Kate Winslet, Penelope Cruz and Julia Roberts. Most recently, a collaboration with actress Emma Watson has introduced a somewhat younger audience to the brand with Watson’s “In Love” New Spring Collection 2013, a truly delightful assortment of bright, youthful color cosmetics. We will also be on the lookout for an upcoming collaboration between Lancôme  and fashion designer Alber Elbaz to be released in June 2013.

marcjacobsMarc Jacobs x Sephora 

A recently announced partnership between Marc Jacobs and Sephora will mark Jacobs’ first ever color cosmetics line. With Jacob’s masterful eye and tremendous overall vision, this is sure to be a major success and breakthrough in the market. The resulting line is due to arrive in stores this fall.



smashbox Smashbox x Curtis Kulig

Artistry cosmetics label Smashbox Cosmetics collaborated with artist Curtis Kulig on the recently launched “Love Me Spring” Make-up Collection. Consisting of cosmetics that epitomize the glamor and beauty of the LA lifestyle, Kulig’s influence—and iconic “Love Me” tag—is highly evident in every aspect of the product design. From the pen-like eyeliner to the free-hand “Love Me” tag squiggled in palettes, this collection receives our highest ratings for what are extremely visually enticing cosmetics.

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