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Beauty in Social Media

Geoffrey Rodriguez

As one of the most relevant subjects in the highly diverse and ever-expanding world of online media, beauty has created some never before seen opportunities for individual brand visibility, advertising, product and consumer awareness as well as the occasional cross-brand collaboration. Thanks to numerous social media networks, the advent of YouTube’s beauty sensations and of course the countless dedicated blogs, beauty has never before been so instantaneously impactful and accessible to an expansive global audience. In this issue of Beauty Guru, we turn to other fellow websites and online style-guides that offer the best in beauty media. From the most current must-have products to the very best instructional videos, the following are each well worth exploring. (

Australian born hairstylist Mara Schiavetti’s passion for all things eco is the inspiration for her rather informative website A far cry from any other eco website, Schiavetti delivers a fresh, contemporary and editorial perspective on the world of eco beauty, elevating this often-dull and somewhat predictable arena to a new level of sophistication. AGreenBeauty is a voice that speaks to many in our rapidly changing world, expressing a visually pleasing, well-written and enlightening message.


BellaSugar (, the beauty incarnation of uber -uccessful PopSugar, is perhaps one of the most informative beauty websites in terms of overall coverage. Although largely celebrity-driven in regards to their basic format, addresses a roster of important beauty-related topics that will resonate with eager audiences.


Beauty High (

‘Up to the minute’ is what sums up Beauty High’s overall message. If you have just seen it or are looking for something new or exciting in the world of beauty this is where to find it. We love the bold format and regularly updated ‘What’s New’ list.


Maquiagem on Facebook

Brazilian photographer Maria Caruso offers a rather interesting selection of personal works on her Portuguese language website, but Caruso’s visual perspective on beauty, make-up and a curated selection of detailed make-up images, or ‘Maquiagem,’ speak for themselves. And now that it’s available through Facebook, along with relevant translations, the site is more enriching than ever.


Pampadour (

Inspired and largely driven by content posted by professionals in the beauty industry, Pampadour borrows  formats from some familiar social media outlets while visually providing some of the most beautiful and inspiring images of hair, make-up, etc., along with product reviews by bloggers, top professional make-up artists and hairstylists as well as up to the minute red carpet trends and much more.


Refinery 29 Beauty Nation (

Beauty has always been an essential aspect of Refinery29’s editorialized yet approachable take on contemporary style. Recently the R29 beauty aesthetic has been re-spun with the launch of Beauty Nation. Along with their rather fashionable perspective on beauty and style, R29’s editors have joined forces with a team of six top beauty bloggers to deliver a cleverly curated selection of products, tips, techniques, important beauty trends as well as some of the most enjoyable and easy to follow how-to videos online. (

With a quick personalized survey that customizes a selection of must-have and well-reviewed products based on your individual profile, the UK’s is fresh, inviting and exactly what beauty is all about. We love the visuals, truthful member comments and product reviews. (

While there are similarities to other beauty websites, what we find to be unique, extremely clever and highly practical at are the Foundation Matrix, Swatch Gallery, Dupe List and very detailed product reviews. If problem solving beauty solutions are in order, then look no further than

-Geoffrey Rodriguez


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