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Beauty: The Gift of Scent

Geoffrey Rodriguez

Although giving or receiving a fragrance as a holiday gift is certainly nothing unusual, the challenge lies in making a choice from the vast selection available in the even more vast retail arena. There are, however, some very exciting – or shall we say “stand out” selections – that will satisfy, seduce, intrigue and perhaps even inspire an undiscovered sense of adventure for trying something new. In this issue of Beauty Guru, we share our favorite resources for interesting scents. From the most luxurious and traditional perfumes to some very interesting and more affordable selections as well as a few things in between, the following suggestions are sure to please and enhance anyone’s fragrance wardrobe.

Commes des Garçons
The highly conceptual Japanese fashion label Commes des Garçons offers an extensive range of fragrances in formulations that are as unique to the wearer as they are exotic, thought provoking and intriguing to experience. Each bottle is exactly what one might expect from the highly aesthetic label: cleverly designed, whimsical, tactile and even collectible. Certainly one of our favorite resources for personal scents – especially the Incense Series 3 – Commes des Garçons’ perfumes receive our highest ratings.

We cannot speak highly enough about the legendary house of Creed. While maintaining the traditional standards that it has utilized for centuries, Creed continues to evolve its cadre by creating highly coveted scents that are both timeless and elegant. The latest addition to the brand’s stellar roster of fragrances is Acqua Fiorentina, the Encore, Olivier Creed’s new twist on the house’s classic fragrance, which hadn’t been available in the Unites States until recently. Creed also offers an incredible selection of gifts for men and women, including candles, bath and body products and our top choice for a delightful holiday gift, the incredibly chic and highly collectible leather atomizer.

Demeter Fragrance Library
Demeter Fragrance Library’s mission is to help expand one’s personal use of fragrance by changing the way it’s viewed and ultimately experienced. To that end, the brand offers an all-encompassing range of scents to maximize the bond between scent and memory. From personal fragrances that are meant to be layered for total customization, to home/atmosphere fragrances, and bath and body products, Demeter receives our top ratings for creating a personal and customizable experience. The brand also offers a great selection of gift sets, which are perfect for holiday gift giving.

Herbal Alchemy
Newest on our radar is the highly experiential Herbal Alchemy, located in Brooklyn, NY. Each of the unique products on offer – including the brand’s signature perfumes, colognes and oils – are created from the finest natural and organic ingredients, and are handcrafted in small batches. Herbal Alchemy receives our highest ratings for creating an overall experience and for formulating the highest quality products. For more intimate insight on Herbal Alchemy and the products available, make an appointment to experience this unique artisanal approach to beauty first hand.

Keiko Mecheri
Keiko Mecheri has garnered a loyal, cult-like following for creating artistically crafted fragrances. Each of Mecheri’s scents is indeed truly remarkable, and totally unique to each wearer. Just in time for the holidays is the new Loukhoum trio – considered to be Mecheri’s most beloved series –  in exquisitely redesigned bottles. Adding further to her unique ‘olfactorial’ experience, Mecheri also offers a bespoke service at her main headquarters in Beverly Hills, CA.

LUSH Gorilla Perfume
Pioneer’s of innovative beauty products, LUSH’s approach to perfume is highly impactful and offers an overall unique fragrance experience. The Gorilla Perfume collection is crafted in-house via traditional methods, but the finished product is updated in the brand’s modern, understated, industrial matte black packaging. Fun, fresh, exotic and sexy, each scent is truly special as well as affordable and ideal as a holiday gift. We love LUSH’s simple rather straightforward approach to beauty, and the Gorilla perfume collection receives our highest ratings – in particular the convenient and colorful Gorilla Solids, which is ideal for travel and so affordable.

Tom Ford
Few brands deliver as confident and sensual a message as Tom Ford. And his fragrances are certainly no exception to this rule. Recognized as a fashion designer as well as a film director and formerly an architect, Ford’s inspiration and passion for design is apparent in each product he creates. The brand offers individual collections of fragrances for men and women as well as the unisex, and our favorite, Private Blend series. Ford has truly created some of the most beautiful scents available, and any of them would indeed make a fabulous holiday gift.

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