Bia Vasconcellos: The Entrance Maker

Bia Vasconcellos’ jewelry is best described as “entrance-making.” With a background in painting, tapestry and ceramics, Vasconcellos naturally uses her artistic skills in her work, creating pieces that are eye-catching for their opulent size, cheerful colors and intriguing designs.

The designer was inspired to make jewelry after her own collection was stolen 15 years ago. “After [the theft], I decided never to buy jewelry again,” remembers Vasconcellos, adding that the resolution ultimately led to the idea of creating pieces of her own. The rings she created were such a hit among her friends that Vasconcellos soon decided make business out of it.

Having taught herself jewelry techniques, Vasconcellos has no biases when it comes to materials, cuts and colors. All gem types can be seen in her entrance-making maxi cocktail rings and eclectic bracelets. Stand-out pieces include the “Sea of tears and pause” ring with its cheerful comma above a massive crystal cube, the geometrical “Catavento” ring and her “Bagunça” bracelet (meaning “mess” in Portuguese) with its mix of pop heart shaped gems.

A veritable multi-tasker, Vasconcellos also develops an exclusive line of hand-painted, crystal-encrusted eyewear. Started as costume decor for her daughter, the eyewear bussiness became one of the designer’s trademarks with its scene-stealing deco styling. Whichever accessory you choose, Vasconcellos’ work will have all eyes on you.

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—Flavia Mendonça

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