Birds Of A Feather…

London-based jeweler Lucy Hitchings knows a thing or two about captivating attention. Her spring/summer ’09 collection of collars, pendants, bracelets and earrings are decadent accessories sure to ruffle some feathers.

Inspired by the mating ritual of the exotic Bowerbird, Hutchings based her organically formed designs around the male bird’s efforts to attract a female companion through the use of the color blue. Decorating an intricately formed nest with electric blue feathers, the male Bowerbird incorporates natural materials to please the discerning taste of the female. Taking her cues from nature’s own recipe, Hutchings adorns 22 carat gold plated chains with Swarovski crystals and large, clear glass beads. Vibrant blue peacock plumages are woven into the construction of metal and twisted marl covering her stately beads, while turquoise pendants finish off the lengthy gold chains and boxed cages. The result strikes the perfect balance between refined and statement-making.

With a background creating wearable sculptures and previous work with raw materials such as wood and metal, Hutchings’ step into a solo line of jewelry was as natural as the designs themselves. “The most important thing to me is to create an accessible collection that offers a strong, individual aesthetic,” she stated. “I like to take these insubstantial, sparkling little objects and make them load bearing.”

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—Kyle Landman

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