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Breakthroughs in Natural Beauty

Geoffrey Rodriguez

A growing obsession for a cleaner, healthier lifestyle is fueling consumer demand for chemical-free, natural-based and organic cosmetic products. And while the beauty industry in general would appear to be addressing this demand and churning out products in virtually every category and price points, there are in fact some very gray areas in terms of ingredients listings and certifications but most importantly, in overall efficacy. Simply put – just because a product claims to be 100% natural does not necessarily indicate that it contains the highest grade of ingredients and most significant, will it in fact be effective? In honor of Mother Nature, this week we share what we believe to be the most effective natural-based and organic beauty products. From anti-aging skincare to color cosmetics and much more.



Created by renowned esthetician and director of Derma Esthetica – Marina Volod, Avitalin uses only the finest grade natural and organic ingredients including nourishing oils, plant extracts, floral waters, purified raisins as well as rare herbal extracts used in ancient Russian and Indian folk remedies combined with advanced cosmeceuticals. The formulations combine to create some of the most rigorous productssuch as Time Defense Moisturizer and Radiance Growth Factor Complex that deliver instantly, visibly noticeable results. And while each of the brand’s products is packed with potent skin-nourishing ingredients, what we have found to be most effective for anti-aging is the use of ALA or Alpha Lipoic Acid, which are key for fighting free radical damage as well as for boosting energy production in the skin cells. In simpler terms, when used topically ALA’s reduce the appearance of puffiness and minimize pores, thus leaving the complexion looking absolutely radiant.


CV Skinlabs

CV Skinlabs have formulated some of the most effective personal care products that we have discovered in our extensive research. The Body Repair Lotion and Rescue + Relief Spray – ideal for soothing burned, irritated skin in particular receive our highest ratings. Created by safe cosmetics expert, author and entrepreneur Britta Aragon and aided by a team of scientific and medical experts, these light, absorbent formulations are made from 99.4 – 100% of top grade natural and organic ingredients, and were designed to nourish and hydrate even the most sensitive skin types. Transitioning from dry, dehydrated winter skin is the perfect time of year to try a new personal care product regimen and CV Skinlabs are our best rated.


Laurel Whole Plant Organics

Laurel Whole Plant Organics is produced in the beauty and natural glory of California’s rich wine country and is truly one of the most impressive natural skincare lines we’ve discovered. Formulated utilizing the highest standards with 100% organic, biodynamic, raw ingredients such as plant and flower extracts, hydrosols, as well as essential oils, each sourced from local farmers that are within 100 miles. Laurel’s products are not only pure in formulation but extremely refreshing with instantly visible results that continue to improve with consistent use. We are particularly impressed with the Facial Serums, Facial Elixir and California Body Oil but overall find the brand solid and effective. The travel sets make the perfect gift or are a great way to try this incredible brand.



What originally began as a natural perfume label, Pacifica has evolved into a lifestyle beauty brand offering a wonderful range of products that includes fragrance, candles, and personal body-care  as well as a line of color cosmetics. Pacifica embodies the true essence of the natural lifestyle with an amazing selection of soothing and uplifting scents that can be experienced and enjoyed in multiple forms, from perfumes to shower gels and more, and each are made in 100% vegan formulations. Our favorites are Sandalwood, Indian Coconut Nectar, Thai Lemongrass and Tuscan Blood Orange. Pacifica’s recently launched color cosmetics line is very simple with the most essential beauty items, including nail varnish and lip Butter as well as the soon to be launched Perfect Lotus Powder, a sure to be a major beauty must-have.


Pai Organic Solutions for Sensitive Skin

Recognized as experts in sensitive, allergy-prone skin – Pai Organic Solutions offers something for everyone. The London based brand uses only naturally derived ingredients such as Apricot Kernel oil, Frankinsense essential oil and Rose Geranium essential oil amongst many other soothing and nourishing elements, and have earned highly esteemed certifications for their standards. And with a full range of skincare and body care – Pai addresses every possible need with the aided tool of a robust website cleverly designed to answer specific skincare questions and helps in selecting the perfect products. We were particularly impressed with the Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil as well as the Chamomile & Rosehip Calming Day Cream.


RMS Beauty 

Our favorite organic beauty line – RMS Beauty, have recently launched what we consider to be the most effective natural-based mascaras on the market. Lets face it, when it comes to obtaining glamorous lashes few want to make the sacrifice for cleaner formulations and what is already out on the market unfortunately is overall not so impressive. RMS is the first brand in the natural cosmetics arena to make this breakthrough offering two 100% natural formulations; Volumizing and Defining however we were most impressed with the Defining Mascara formula, which creates shall we say ‘legitimate’ rich, dark, defined lashes with the ‘old school’ style comb-like applicator. Overall, RMS Beauty speaks to a generation of women that embrace the evolving movement toward ‘minimalist’ beauty with products that are ideal for a natural lifestyle.

-Geoffrey Rodriguez

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