Calgel: The Next Generation in Manicures

Calgel, Photo courtesy: Marie ClaireLike icing on a cake, polished nails are as important to an outfit as shoes or a bag. Once a mere afterthought, nail art has become a standard feature on runways, red carpets and sidewalks alike—nevermind that these manicured indulgences often chip away after only a few precious days. Thanks to the masterminds at Calbrook Cosmetics, however, eye-catching paws now have pristine staying power.

The US  has been obsessed with nailcare for decades and nail art in particular since the ’90s, making Calbrook’s uniquely protective and artistically dexterous Calgel formula a long awaited answer to boring or frustratingly short-lived manicures. Of the recent trend, New York’s Marie’s Nails estimates that 90% of their clients now come specifically for the Calgel polish and treatment. And with appointments up to two weeks in advance, they stand by their formula of choice as being “the most highly recommended brand for stubborn, brittle and hard to grow nails.”

Whereas other formulas have been known to crack or damage nails, Calgel is the world’s first ever soak-off UV gel polish. With its proven nail strengthening formula, the damage-free product is just as thin and natural looking as regular polish, but with a guaranteed life expectancy that exceeds that of common brands. Lasting an average of two to three weeks and requiring minimal touch ups and treatments in between, the brand has become a hit trend and an economical alternative. Easily removable at any time with an acetone-based agent, there is no upkeep or downtime between new visits and no excuse for going unpolished.

And with more than 80 colors to mix and match for customized artistry, the breakthrough technology promises a new generation of manual expression. The heavily trained technicians are talented in everything from 3D to tie dye to ombre designs. The only limit is your imagination—and of course, your cuticle bed.

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