Capsule in Las Vegas, Vdara Hotel, Paris

Jason Campbell

Traveling to the East Coast has been froth with cancelled and delays flights while all it takes for a trip from home to Las Vegas is jumping into your car and driving for 2-hours through the desert. Since New York Fashion Week didn’t happen for me this season, I decided to attend Capsule, Project and Magic tradeshows in Vegas.

I’m staying at The Vdara Hotel, one of the newest hotels on the Strip that’s part of the buzzed about new City Center (more on the retail offerings later). Thankfully, this is a gamble and smoke free hotel, so no gross sunlight-less lobby. The hotel is still in beta but the relatively hip people I saw while checking in and the tasty food at Silkroad, the hotel restaurant, encouraged me. I’m in town for a couple days, not so much to review the shows but taking the market temperature and Flipping and interviewing the tastemakers.

I hit the pavement running after I arrived midday yesterday by spending the day at Capsule. I went from booth to booth, carefully looking at how designers are progressing the massive heritage and Americana trend movement that’s been largely defined at this tradeshow. The forecast is for the trend to continue for the next several seasons. Look out for our Flip series this week on the trends played out in Vegas.

Speaking of trends, Paris Fashion Week is ground zero for research and forecast on my fashion calendar. I don’t remember missing a Paris season in over a decade, this time however is shaping up to be a scheduling challenge due to the Oscars. This isn’t the first Paris Fashion Week that has conflicted with the Oscars but it’s the first time I’m in the thick of it on both fronts. Paris will happen but it may be a fly-by this season.

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