Carlos Miele's Carioca Menswear

Carlos Miele been long considered one of the best, most established Brazilian trendsetters in America. The designer recently pleased throngs of eager compatriots when he chose Claro Rio to host the debut of his eponymous menswear label, Miele. Contrasting with the super feminine silk gowns presented in the same show, Miele’s menswear speaks a more casual language that’s in tune with the designer’s eye for refinement and detail.

Ecological and social awareness have always been prominently featured in Miele’s collections. For this show, he featured 100% organic jeanswear, bamboo jerseys, Egyptian cotton shirts and linen suit tops paired with navy-style shorts. Miele also keeps a tight partnership with Coopa-Roca cooperative, which is responsible for all the crochet and embroidery used in his menswear line. In fact, the brunch following the show in Copacabana Fort celebrated the cooperative’s new plant location, which was donated by the designer.

“Although the menswear segment is very competitive, I believe there’s space for this carioca style,” says Miele, adding that his company’s expansion plans include a men’s exclusive store in São Paulo to be opened in March. He also noted plans for a kidswear line—an appropriate addition considering that he and his wife are expecting a baby boy in the beginning of 2009. From the expansion of his brand to the expansion of his brood, Carlos Miele has more than enough reason to be celebrating.

—Flavia Mendonça

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