Cathy Horyn Asks, What’s Wrong With Vogue?

What’s Wrong With Vogue” is the title question of Cathy Horyn’s Sunday’s New York Times’ piece on Vogue Magazine and Anna Wintour. The rumors have been swirling for a few weeks now on the dethroning of AW and the crowning of Carine Roitfeld of French Vogue to replace her. It reached such a fever pitch that many were anticipating an announcement by year’s end stating just that. It seems that everyone was out to test AW’s nuclear constitution and declared open on her and the magazine. Many welcomed the regime change at the iconic pub decrying its iron-fisted ways and out-of-touch content.

Horyn (along with Michael Roberts of Vanity Fair) categorically debunked the rumors of AW’s departure (Schadenfreudists be damned) for Roitfeld entrance by speaking to AW’s crucial role a businesswoman as well as editor–shoes apparently Roitfeld isn’t qualified to fill. Roberts states, “it’s hard to imagine that Ms. Roitfeld would be in line to replace her unless someone…has spiked the Kool-Aid.” He continues cattily, “There’s a whole financial machine that would come crashing down, I would say. I’d like to see Carine talking to the people from North Beach Leather or St. John knits. It’s all very professional and businesslike at American Vogue.” Horyn didn’t cut the magazine any slack however dinting everything from the coverage of a recycled roster of socialites to poor attempts at recession coverage. What I like about the profile is that Vogue and Wintour weren’t treated with kid gloves and warts and were there in print for all to view. All two often both subjects are mentioned in hushed tones with a sacrosanct air. What do you think? Is there open season on Vogue and Wintour?

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