CDG Mania at H&M Harajuku

While at the press interviews the higher-ups at H&M were giving today for the new Harajuku store opening, I heard a rumor that some people were already lining up for the Comme des Garcons collaboration pieces which go on sale Saturday. I happened to be in the area at 11pm this evening and sure enough there were two women camped out in front of the store.

Enter Hanami Suzuki and her mother, who are part of a group of six who have been taking turns in line since 10pm on Tuesday.

"I am a big Rei Kawakubo fan. And it`s just such a great price!" Hanami says.

But why get such a big head start on waiting?

"I don’t know my size so I need to be able to grab every size so I can
try them on first."

Their biggest concern is "not to be a nuiscance to staff, pedestrians, and others who want to wait in line."

And taking advantage of being first? "We will only buy what we need, we’ll put everything back so everyone who waits has a fair chance of getting something."

Aw, CDG bringing happiness and peace to the world, one deconstructed skirt at a time.

Misha Janette

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