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Celebrating the Manly Man

Geoffrey Rodriguez

While a certain more average male might still use whatever products are quite simply conveniently within reach, a rather large portion of the male population – 47 % to be exact, have become far more product savvy and are very in tune with specific grooming needs from head-to-toe, thus fueling the demand for male-specific products in the vast cosmetics industry. The limit however, for what is currently considered the average male’s personal grooming practices extend far beyond the basics of a shower, shave, and a splash of aftershave. It now includes full skincare regimens, waxing eyebrows and body hair, trimming or shaving pubic hair and armpits, as well as regular manicures and pedicures. And while we completely welcome and embrace this flow into a more modern male-centric aesthetic – we wonder what has become of the truly classic male who appreciates simplicity in today’s rather sensationalized metro-sexual culture? In this issue of Beauty Guru, and in and in honor of Father’s Day, we celebrate the spirit of today’s manly man. We’ve selected gift ideas that truly represent modern masculinity with a classic, contemporary spin. From some familiar names and perhaps and little more, our selections are sure to please any ‘manly-man’.


The Art of (

We recently featured numerous sites for beauty and discovered what is in our mind one of the freshest approaches to a truly classic male lifestyle. The Art of Manliness is wholly masculine with a slightly upbeat, modern twist. We love the basic how-to features and informative and practical videos that cover everything a modern man needs to know from shaving tips to properly rolling-up a shirt sleeve and even how to tie a bow tie. Now what’s more classically male than that?


Clarisonic (

Our top favorite, must-have beauty tool and perhaps the most modern of all items in this feature, the Clarisonic Mia and Mia 2 Sonic Skin Systems now come in the most masculine gray, and are by far the most essential item for virtually everyone! Sleek, modern, and beyond effective, any man will appreciate this amazing product!


Dior Eau Sauvage (

Dior’s Eau Sauvage is luxurious and extremely classic; perfect for today’s contemporary male. This timeless scent lingers delicately and possesses a distinct appeal that is never over-powering. Subtle, refined and so masculine – Dior’s Eau Sauvage is an essential fragrance for any man. Check out the website for a selection of other incredible products for men from Dior.


Every Man Jack (

Something truly appealing to every manly-man is good value for money. Addressing this particular void in the market for top-quality products at an affordable price is Every Man Jack. The brand has recently been having a visibly impactful presence at the mass retail level with prices that suit any budget. Offering products for every male grooming need these basic,  effective formulations are presented in clean, appealing packaging; ideal for the masculine man on the go. Every Man Jack couldn’t be more masculine and is ideal for manly-men of all ages.


Filson – (

Since 1897, Filson has maintained a truly masculine aesthetic, and produces some of the most essential gear for the rugged outdoorsman. The brands accessories however – including the iconic tote bags– are well designed and ideal for the contemporary gentleman. Understated, stylish, functional, practical, durable and totally masculine – Filson receives our highest ratings.


Jack Black – (

One our all-time favorite men’s product lines at Beauty Guru is Jack Black. Successfully utilizing a direct approach to targeting and addressing the specific needs of male grooming including shaving, ingrown hairs and acne amongst others, the brand offers a wide selection of the most advanced and effective formulations. Jack Black also carefully maintains a masculine aesthetic as well as a rather strong presence in the marketplace. Our top selections include the Double Duty Face Moisturizer and All Over Wash and Mr. Fix It Antimicrobial Gel.


Nike Free Custom (

Training or sport shoes are an essential element of every man’s wardrobe. Men from all walks of life will certainly appreciate a custom-designed Nike Free trainer. While the experience of creating one’s own Nike Free Custom is quite exciting nothing speaks more of one’s affection than by creating a personalized gift! The online experience is truly unmatched and the variety of choices incredible!


One Wipe Charlies (

Lastly and certainly not least, of all the products mentioned in this feature none address any subject in as ‘manly’ a fashion as our most recent discovery – One Wipe Charlies – available exclusively at the Dollar Shave Club; truly a manly-man’s website. Without going into specific details, we simply suggest you watch this highly entertaining and rather informative video about One Wipe Charlies!


-Geoffrey Rodriguez
twitter/instagram: @grbeautyguru


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