Charlotte's Web Arrives In Brazil

Charlotte Dellal’s eye-catching shoe brand, Charlotte Olympia, can easily stand on its own well-shod heels. Launched three years ago in London, Dellal has helped bring the brand to new levels of hip sophistication.

To fully grasp the prestige of the label, however, it helps to understand Dellal’s family background. Her Brazilian mother, Andrea Dellal, was one of Valentino and Thierry Mugler’s muses in the mid-’70s and is still constantly in the spotlight. Her sister Alice—currently seen in our header editorial shots—sets new beauty standards. And her brother Alex, who owns an art gallery in London, is Charlotte Casighari’s prince to be. With a family like that, we could only imagine Charlotte’s aesthetic sense is perfect for deluxe refinement and extra doses of Brazilian sensuality.

After gaining fans among Kate Moss and Daphne Guinness, Dellal’s shoes finally arrived in Brazil through a special collection produced with Avec. During the launch, Dellal presented a set of sky high satin pumps in a colorful palette in synch with Brazil’s fetish for sensual stilettos. other noteworthy items included a show-stopping pair featuring straw canvas added with golden platform details and pin-up styles in leopard prints.

—Flávia Mendonça

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