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Jason Campbell


Los Angeles is arguably the most desired city of choice for the creative class right now. In recent months we’ve seen migration to the city of Angels include transplants from fashion and design communities around the world. For the likes of Hedi Slimane and Band of Outsiders, quality of life plays a big part and he famously stipulated in his contract with Yves Saint Laurent that Los Angeles would remain his base—an unprecedented move for a Parisian fashion house. Elsewhere, Bernhard Wilhelm is supposedly planning a one year move and KTZ  is looking to soak up the energy of a city that has become one of its greatest supporters. Partners Marjan Pejoski and Sasko Bezovski are even mulling a bigger presence in the form of a boutique. As the style community mushrooms, so have the stores and services catering to their needs. We’ve selected a handful of brands, stores and stories that are defining a new Los Angeles.


The Stores:


This entry to the multi-hyphenated retail mix oozes Italy. Blending design, fashion and furniture, this studio/boutique doubles as A menswear store selling Raf Simons, Christophe Lemaire, Tim Coppens and Carven, among others.


Rigards Eyewear

The word on Rigards has been coming from the L’Eclaireur set in Paris, but its base is Los Angeles. The haute eyewear brand draws converts who are drawn to the matte, distressed frames fashioned out of horns.


Akai Ito

This heady collaborations between stylist Douglas VanLaningham and artist Jeremy Friend yields one-off products and sundry other talents—from Dafne Balatsos to Serene Cicora—which makes it worth trekking down to the esoteric art district boutique.



After relocating from their address in the heart of Hollywood, Cerre is now located in a gleaming new boutique catty corner to Maxfield. This homegrown brand with a European spirit is quietly becoming a local favorite for discerning fashionistas.



This online/offline boutique bills itself as a destination for buying and selling experimental vintage and independent fashion. The brand mix leans toward cool contemporary and targets a younger set.


Left House


Americana has been turned on its head at Left House on Abbot Kinney.  This entry from Japan in partnership with H. Lorenzo is all urban/beach cool unisex denims and other washed out casual wear with a Japanese swagger.



This relatively quiet womenswear line from Stephanie Kanan and Justin Kern is clean and chic as Calvin Klein, almost defying a Californian genesis. The line can be discovered at Just One Eye and Curve locally.


Lucy Folk

Designer Lucy Folk’s playful approach to design has seen her feature everything from taco’s to macaroni in her jewelry. This season is no different as the designer has turned her eye to fruit with her latest whimsical offering. The Tropicalismo collections’ Favela inspiration is apparent in Folk’s use of punchy palm leaves and tropical fruits in rose-plated resin, crocheted cotton and vibrantly colored powder-coated steel.

Perrin Paris

This century-old Paris-based accessories line now has a Beverly Hill outpost and is quickly becoming the go-to for current tastes in clutches. Their riding glove Cabriolet clutch is a personal favorite


The Scene:


First Palihouse was our hotel lobby of choice for meetings, and then Palihotel became our boutique hotel of choice for spotting cute, fashionable European travelers. Now the franchise is set to open a Santa Monica outpost which is destined to become our Westside hotel of choice.


Mack Sennett Studios

The refurbished Mack Sennett Studios in Silverlake is the hot new address for video and TV shoots. The sprawling studio space has played host to a star-studded list of Hollywood legends and in its current incarnation, it’s the address for one-off DJ nights for the likes of Questlove and the Embassy DJs.







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