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Books and beauty aren’t necessarily linked, but we jumped the gun on our upcoming coverage of both categories to bring you
two early fall debuts from each.

In The Know: The Classic Guide to Being Cultured and Cool
In The Know: The Classic Guide to Being Cultured and Cool (Penguin), written by‘s fashion-news director Nancy MacDonell, is a pocket-sized "cheat sheet" for the aspiring cosmopolitan. It’s a treasure trove
for anyone hoping to duck the embarrassment of getting art movements mixed up or mispronouncing Oliver Theysken’s name. To
be fair, it’s no mean feat to be an expert on the entire cultural universe, so if the chapters on, say, fashion and art strike
you as a trifle basic, then you might find the sections mapping out the hippest hotels in the world more useful.

Chasing Cool 2: Standing Out in Today’s Cluttered Market Place

Chasing Cool 2: Standing Out in Today’s Cluttered Marketplace (Atria Books) is another book on the importance of being cool — though this time, it’s corporate rather than personal. Authors
Noah Kerner and Gene Pressman set out to unravel how coolness operates by looking at the trajectories of trendsetting brands
like Target and Nike. Extra authority and insight come from interviews with heavyweights such as Tom Ford, Julian Schnabel, Ian Schrager, Patricia Field, Marc Newson, and Marc Jacobs.

Belmacz Gold-Leaf-Infused Lip Gloss
UK-based jewelry line Belmacz produces more than jewelry featuring prehistoric mammoth tusk, fossilized dinosaur bone, baroque pearls, and antique cut
diamonds. Designer Julia Muggenburg translates her love for luxurious materials into precious pots of gold-leaf-infused lip
gloss, which have a look that is as rare and beautiful as its contents. A rose scent escapes from the gloss as tiny pieces
of gold leaf break down and glisten when applied. Muggenburg’s instinct for choosing colors is as deft for cosmetics as it
for jewels — the gloss comes in Scarlet (a luscious red), Ruby (a deep berry stain), and Moonstone (a translucent gloss).
Available exclusively at Colette in Paris.

He Wood Fragrance DSquared
DSquared celebrates its 15th anniversary this fall with the launch of He Wood, the brand’s debut men’s fragrance. Designer twin brothers
Dan and Dean Caten trace the scent back to their Canadian roots because "it’s how the label began," says Dan. Thanks to the
work of Firmenich perfumer Daphne Bugey, white fir and violet leaves mix with a base of vetiver and cedarwood to evoke notes
of air, water, and wood. Raw-cut pieces of replanted Canadian Red Alder frame each square-shaped flacon, emphasizing the eau
de toilette’s woodsy nature. A women’s scent is planned for fall ’08.

-Emma Holmqvist and Elizabeth K. Yang

In The Know: The Classic Guide to Being Cultured and Cool
Chasing Cool 2: Standing Out in Today’s Cluttered Market Place
Gold-Leaf-Infused Lip Gloss by Belmacz
He Wood Fragrance by DSquared2

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