Cover Curation: Theocharis’ Classic And Edgy View

“Beauty is not the result of profound inspiration, but of the acceptance of imperfection,” claims Greek-American lensman Dimitris Theocharis. Whether using energetic bold colors or moody tonal hues, Theocharis body of work encompasses a gallery of images that have a sense of visual currency and an appreciation for the unexpected.

As it turns out, this sense of timeliness is rooted in both classical art and contemporary design methods. The London-based Theocharis actually studied Fine Art, with a concentration in sculpture, at the Northumbria University at Newcastle Upon Tyne and Photography & Digital Arts at the University of Westminster.

We’re curating Theocharis’ work in the coming weeks, but it’s probably not the first time you have seen many of the images—they’ve been exhibited at Exit Art in New York and have appeared in various publications including Harpers Bazaar, Mother, Upstreet, reFresh, Evening Standard and The Independent. If anything, Theocharis shows us that beauty is as much a matter of the beholder as it is the subject’s flaws.