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Cuckoo for Cocoa Butter!

Geoffrey Rodriguez

As summer draws to an end, few scents evoke the essence of summer  memories the way coconut does. The use of Cocoa Butter and Coconut oil are definitely on the rise in all areas of the cosmetics industry as each are extremely nourishing and ideal for soothing sunburned, dehydrated summer skin. In our minds coconuts are an ideal go-to source for extra hydration and of course a beautiful glowing complexion from head-to-toe year round. In this issue of Beauty Guru, we take a look at the absolute best resources for cocoa butter and coconut oil-enriched products that are sure to tantalize your senses, nourish your skin and much more.


Burt’s Bees – (

Honey has always held center stage as the main ingredient at Burt’s Bees, however the brand also utilizes coconut oil in many of its most recognizable formulas. From the Natural Skincare for Men Body Wash and Aftershave, to the very popular Coconut Foot Cream, Burt’s Bees receives our highest ratings for efficacy. Their products maintain a consistently strong presence in the retail arena, and of course we love their use of the finest natural ingredients including coconut oil.


Earth Tu Face (

Newest on our radar screen is a skincare company called Earth Tu Face. Developed by two herbalists whose joint passion was to create a 100% natural, plant-based skincare line, Earth Tu Face utilizes only the most pure, food-grade ingredients in each their unique formulations.  The ingredients used include organic unrefined cocoa butter as well as virgin coconut oil, which can be found in the brand’s Face Balm. Overall, Earth Tu Face receives our highest ratings for their simple and refreshing approach to beauty and natural skincare.


Palmer’s (

Perhaps the most recognized of all brands mentioned in this feature, Palmer’s is virtually synonymous with cocoa butter. The brand offers an impressive selection of effective products that address every possible beauty need–ranging from stretch marks to hair care, and much more. Palmer’s is conveniently available at several large national retailers, and its biggest feature may just be its affordable price tag. Nary a true beauty aficionado would be without the brands amazing Coconut Milk Formula Body Butter. The formula has been enriched with certified organic coconut oil and the brand’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion; it’s is ideal for stretch marks that occur during pregnancy or with fluctuating weight. For more information about the selection of Palmer’s products, log on to the brand website.

RMS Beauty – (

Truly embracing the minimalist approach to natural beauty, celebrity make-up artist Rose Marie Swift has had a tremendous impact on the cosmetics industry with her signature product line RMS Beauty. Swift uses only the finest grade certified organic ingredients, including cold-pressed coconut oil and organic cocoa butter. The texture of the Raw Coconut Cream is truly not to be believed – it quite literally melts into the skin! We have to put this sone firmly on our list of favorite ‘must-have’ beauty items.


Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick (

Urban Decay has built a reputation for offering a selection of edgy color cosmetics, and has evolved into a full line of  sophisticated vegan and cruelty-free formulations. Topping the list of lip-nourishing ingredients is the brands Revolution Lipstick with cocoa butter. This highly enriched and intensely pigmented formulation delivers a rich, deep color payoff with a creamy soft shine. The lipstick is also available in twenty-two daring and delectable shades.


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  1. Thanks, Geoffrey, for this great article! Loved the research you put into it. You always have the best insider tips for us regular gals out there beating the pavement. I’m looking forward to your next one! Nola :)

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