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Query any fashion diehard or industry professional these days for market pulse or design direction and undoubtedly the response is laced with some reference to style.com, fashionwiredaily.com or fashionwindows.com. A not so subtle shift is taking place among style followers in where they access to-the-minute industry news and trend information and the new source is just a click away. These far reaching online resources serving up daily flavor have become indispensable tools for studying, detecting, forecasting (and in some instances copying) the business of
fashion: everyone sits front row at the collections, while design studios can confidently order yardage of that midnight blue satin at midnight, for instance — just approved as a key upcoming trend, minutes after the last model descended the runway in Paris. And you’re armed with the history of your latest fashion craving without waiting 3 months for a magazine to hit your mailbox. Dare we say the inbox is the new mailbox?


Photo: from Style.com

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