DEM Penny Jewels Double Up The Glitz

Due to the infamously inflated egos of many fashion designers, it’s not often that we see two superstar names team up on a joint collection. But such a rare collaboration is the source of New Zealand-based DEM Penny Jewels, a meeting of two creative minds—DEM Jewellery‘s Shona Lee and Penny Sage‘s Kate Megaw—the likes of which haven’t been seen since Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder sat side by side on that piano keyboard.

The label’s second collection looks like the sort of thing Captain Jack Sparrow would wear if he hung out in modern-day Williamsburg. Antiqued silver and gold chains are tangled into indecipherable knot earrings and chunky necklaces, while finer chains are woven into cuff bracelets that recall the island nation’s traditional knitting techniques. Each piece carries the hallmarks of its designers’ separate lines—Penny Sage’s evocative, vintage-inspired style, merged with the edgier nature of DEM—but creates a language all its own. Harmonious results like this prove that two sketchbooks really can be better than one—are you paying attention, Marc and Karl?

—Erin Magner

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